Arlene and two adopted dogs.

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Got up this morning around 7.30 am and thought, how am I going to fill to-day, it’s grey, miserable, and not too warm,

Gave the dogs their breakfast , had a shower, dressed and made my breakfast .took dogs out, very lucky to-day again and didn’t meet anyone up at the burial ground, so the dogs Ruby especially had a good free run,  Time for coffee when I returned, and put on computer I wanted to pull some old blogs from Live spaces to maybe put on Blogspot and WP, but when I logged in

my blog was gone, caput, empty, finis., maybe just maybe when I transferred it to my external drive, I can find it, but I”ve got so much stuff on there, I’ll be lucky. Oh well, stood and looked out of the window for a while, and thought, what next.  Had an early lunch…lunch? if you can call a  packet of mushroom soup and a slice of bread lunch, ! well at least the bread was home made, says I smugly.

OK what to do next? I stood and looked out of the window, and thought to myself, ‘the garden is looking very untidy’  Then just as a sign Gardeners Question time came on the radio! Right, that’s it I said, Off to do some gardening..

So I piled in a few more clothes and sallied forth. and guess what? it started to drizzle ! but it was only light so I carried on and got about an hour and a half done, I planted some Lily of the Valley I was given some time ago,also cut down last years Buddliea, and Fennel, cleared out some geraniums, and old dahlias. I felt good when I came across some daffodil shoots in a tub. …more signs of spring.

It started to get dark early about 4 pm so |I then took the dogs for their walk.

Tango is getting so naughty, he found some fox poo and thought it would be a nice snack before dinner, dirty beggar, he got a sound telling off and put on the lead, his breath stank. You can go off your best friends easily.

As it was a local just round the corner walk,there were a few people out with their dogs so it was a case of  ‘dodge the dogs’ with ||Ruby, but we got home with no problems.

Fed the dogs

Jumped in the shower and washed my hair,  got into my PJ’s and thought about supper. which I wasn’t going to have. [diet, remember?]

I decided on a grotty supper of a  microwave ready meal of Cottage pie, then consoled myself with a couple of choccie biscuits. the diet’s on hold.

Opened the computer and started this little blog, sorry if it’s boring folks, but as I said, Live  sp……

I’m going to have a Bailley’s in a mo. watch the news and bed.


  1. Tango never did it till about a couple of months ago, Now he deliberately searches out cat poo and any stinky smelly stuff going. As I said I think he’s just turning into a dirty old man. Wolfie. Whisper, my collie bitch loved a good roll in anything that stank. I just can’t seem to keep this diet up, we’ve got a Burn’s supper on Saturday… more calories than I can work off with the odd bout of gardening. sigh.
    Nice to have you stop by. I thought that good graphics would liven up the blog. lol

  2. Urgh! Had plenty of experience of the K9 Dirty Dining Syndrome… 😉 The spaniels were the worst for it with a special preference for cow pats….the fresher and steamier the better! lol…and the Bearded Collie (these dogs were not my own…belonged to a friend) had a particular liking for road-kill rabbit entrails…lol…one of my dogs shared that interest and they’d run side by side one with the head and the other with the tail end in their mouths!! Looooovely!!

    Ok…was trying to encourage the diet by putting you off the idea of pudding! Then again a good bout of gardening will work off the calories so…lol…love the graphics btw 🙂

  3. Arlene

    Isn’t it sad when they get old though Pen? And with Ruby’s lack of socialisation, some walks can be a bit fraught., but she’s improving, it’s only when peeps stop and want to talk to her she gets a bit worried, and backs off barking, but she’s really sweet and hasn’t a bit of malice in her, except when I’m drying or brushing Tango, she gets quite jealous, and will have a little nip at him. Seems she’s claimed me for her own. LOL
    I hope speying might improve her.
    Glad you enjoyed the blog, I felt it was a bit of a non blog, but maybe our lives aren’t as boring to others as we maybe think.
    Just stretch the jeans a teeny weeny bit and that way they’ll be comfy for me.
    special hugs to Bess, as long as she hasn’t been dining on fox poo, then it’s a distant pat on the head XX lol

  4. Ruby reminds me so much of Bess, We not only dodge the dogs, we dodged the pushchairs, plastic bags, people with walking sticks, in fact anyone who looked um….’dodgy’ to her eyes… not so much a straight walk as a one two there , cross the road, (path or whatever) four five six…and back again!! Made for an exciting adventure…but now with her ‘dodgy’ legs, it’s safer in the garden playing ball and catch, and chasing her (catching more often now) about the middle large potted plant in the centre position!!
    loved ‘walking’ about with you experiencing your Sunday, now about these jeans of yours that I’m trying to get into!!!! 😉 hugs, licks and woofs to your pack.. xPen ‘n’ Bessx

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