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Is it spring yet?

When out walking the dogs to-day I saw a welcome sight, Catkins aka Lamb’s Tails is this a good sign.

They’re still quite fluffy, but there were lots of them. Shall I get excited, I was clearing the photos from my phone and came across the following,

Me n tango



The Isle of Wight is just off out to the right



Was it only three/four weeks ago?

Here’s another couple just to finish off the batch

This was taken at the back end of the year


These are poisonous, but I find fungi interesting.


I usually feed the gulls in the car park when i take the dogs out, they fly over when they see me get out of the car with something in my hand

This is just as you come out of the car park and walk down the path to the beach, Dorchester is way in the background, then Bournemouth in the near Background, the beach below is the one in the snow pictures


Today we had a good long walk up by the burial ground, I blogged about that on spaces, gone now. sob.

We only saw one person so it was good for Ruby, it allowed her to have a good run off lead, It wasn’t too bad a day, dry and windy,  it’s helping dry the ground out, and does it need it, it’s so muddy, |I spend all my free time washing dog’s towels and blankets. oh well it won’t last for ever, the catkins will lengthen and then the Pussy Willow will follow with primroses and daffodils, and so another season will start.

I then went into a local shopping complex, just for a change of shops, It’s Karen’s [younger daughter] birthday 8th Feb, so I got a card for her, she’s taken a shine to the twenties era and art deco, the card is in a nice art deco style also with some matching  notelets, well that’s a start for her b’day anyway.

I also bought [for me] a new little teapot as I like leaf tea, and a cute glass frog. , apart from these things, just some boring food shopping., but it made a nice change of scene.






  1. I wish I could carry off that look Wolfie, I’d have to lose a few pounds though, and no no wrinkled I do have a bit of vanity still.
    To-day was quite springlike, but to-night it bucketed down, so much that I didn’t take the dogs out, and that’s a very rare thing. The bypass was flooded, I came home early in case it got worse.

  2. Could imagine you with the Art Deco look! Very fetching! Tho I suspect you would definately not have wrinkled stockings! lol…lovley photos but all that snow! How quickly we forget when the warmer weather arrives but nevermind spring is on the way 🙂

  3. I quite like that Art Deco look too, The 20’s ladies always looked so elegant, but in the pictures [movies] their stockings are usually wrinkled, lol

  4. Hi TG, thanks for stopping by, and appreciation of photos, I noticed to-day that I’ve got some daffodil shoots in a pot that’s sheltered, i could almost get excited thinking about spring. And don’tn you worry, it’ll come to you too.
    You ARE stalking me Pen, I don’t really mind as you’re always welcome, especially when you’re flattering us. lol
    Chicken breasts in bacon, cor that sounds good, Yorkies are the icing on the cake, or should I say the sauce on the meat. I had a miserable Cottagen pie ready meal, it was vile, but I was busy.
    I wish they’d cancelled winter here Kirsten, but I expect you’s miss it if it happened too often, thanks for your visit and lovely comments all.

  5. i love the pictures! winter was canceled in oklahoma. or they forgot to order it … not sure which.

  6. Just me stalking you from Blogger., came for a second look at the photogenic Tango, (and you of course, ) … and I love the Art Deco drawing…
    Off to get dinner ready!! Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon…(wonder whether to do Yorkshires or not? ) xx Pen ‘n’ Bess.xx

  7. Love the photos Arlene. Yes I too can’t wait until I see those snowdrops and catkins appearing. Haven’t seen any around here yet, but then we are always late with everything up here.

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