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Well having a rant  is is more like, hang on I’ve not got a glass of Bailleys in my hand.
Ah that’s more like it.I could get used to this stuff.   I digress. first I got rid of my snowflakes from my blog, hoping it will be  sign to the weather gods that it’s not winter any more.  The weather is now dank and dreary, foggy with a fine ‘smirr’  A Scottish word for fine rain that you get with fog. You can’t see it, but you still get wet., the dogs get wet twice daily now on our walks, and I’m fed up with washing and drying their  towels and bedding.sigh.
Ruby is coming into season and is becoming interesting to the dogs, Taking her for a walk is a bit of a hide and seek adventure. dodging the dogs it’s called. I walk up at the Burial ground where the fertility tree is, and no, I don’t go up to get a cheap thrill from it. tut, how could you think it. |It’s fairly deserted up there and I can see a good distance all round. It’s a nice walk till they plant it, the farmer sows the wheat , barley, sweet corn and whatever right to the edges and you can’t walk all round. , but it suits me right now.
|I started to watch the programme about the human race to-night, about how wonderful and versatile we are, till they started to show some men who were going to spear a whale, oh no –  I can’t watch that, so I switched,  the programme I landed on was about the pilot who got sucked out of a plane, and was clinging on till it landed, what a horror story, and he actually lived.
The news has just come on and apart from the floods in Australia the scenes of the other floods in Brazil, a poor woman hanging on to her dog was winched to safety,but unfortunately the dog got swept away, the woman was screaming for it, it makes me so sad as sometimes  it’s about all these people have.
Also it makes me very seriously ask, is there a God, ? I know what my thoughts are, but I’m not going to upset people by stating them.
I saw in the papers that Spain was stopping showing Bullfighting on TV before 9 pm, that’s a start, let’s hope they will learn some compassion and stop the whole dirty cowardly business, it makes me and many decent people sick,  it’s on a par with fox hunting and badger baiting.
I’d better stop now or I’ll get myself into a storm of rants, not good at bedtime. Just about finished my Bailleys, good it was, cheers,


  1. On the last part of your post Wolfie, I could agree, but on the other hand it would make ‘Mother Nature’ to be human, which she is not, so it goes back to the first part ‘we’ make the choices, and hope they are the right ones because we, meaning the whole of mankind, suffer the consequences.
    Mother Nature will just do what comes naturally, and we have no choice in that.

  2. The human race has, by whatever means you deem it to have come about, choices. Unfortunately it often makes very bad ones but that is the price we all pay for having the right to choose our own paths thru life…and if sometimes we have to fight for what is right in the world…perhaps the experience makes us stronger and better human beings, with a greater understanding of our world and our fellow Earth-dwellers than we would have had otherwise.

    Seems that Mother Nature is taking matters into her own hands and kicking back against the arrogance and cruelty mankind can inflict on both its world and itself anyway…but keep remembering our good and decent side too…it’s there somewhere!

  3. it’s so easy to concentrate on ‘down’ things…as there seem to so many examples about.Arlene, but as so many said in response to my Humanity poem, there’s always human sacrifice, human endeavor somewhere to lift our spirits. To show that the human race is getting something right, and the response to these tragedies is amazing, We win through, and whether or not through faith in God our our own abilities, we will strive to do our best no matter what circumstances are thrown our way…I agree with you, about cruelty to animals, and how humans can kill for sport sickens me too, but hopefully there will come an end to it all.
    Cheers, Arlene, Baileys is a good a drink as any to wish for an end to all blood sports, have a great week-end you three, form Bess and me….xPenx

    • Thank you for the lift Pen, I admit I do sometimes despair of the human race, apart from natural disasters, which I think we have no control over, |Mother Nature is all powerful and IMO rules all, and we are powerless to do much about it. |But the wars, the cruelty, greed and corruption are rife, I wouldn’t come back to this world as it stands now, I feel it is not a nice place. If people’s faith helps them to cope, that’s fine by me, but I’m afraid I just think you sink or swim according to the circumstances and good or bad luck.
      BUT, it’s not all bad, bloggers are a breed apart and are not in the ‘nasty’ league.
      I would like to think that good will prevail eventually though, as, as you say the human race is maybe getting something right, it’s about time. whew I| should have blogged this.
      \love to you and \bess, the goodies in the world. XX enjoy the weekend.

  4. Thank you for your feedback Kirsten, I’m not going to get involved in religion or the why’s wherefores or is there or isn’t there, everyone comes to their own conclusion, and I’ve lived long enough to have come to mine. I believe in living a good Christian lifestyle, to be truthful, kindly and compassionate, but I do not believe in a person, living or spiritual who governs from on high, there is IMO far too much cruelty in the world to accept it to be the working of a caring, loving being, but then I’m only me and there are many thousands who would disagree with me. and long live right to choose.

  5. ah i hear you arlene! things in this world are tough – but they always have been.
    yes, there is a God, and its a good thin in a world so riddled with the curse. but thats why He gave us His Word, His armor, His weapons, His strength, His bounty, His healing, and His promises. im not trying to be snarky here. im serious. thats why its called salvation … and im not ashamed to delare it! 😉

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