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Just pondering

This blogging business is becoming hard work, and I don’t like hard work,  however, on pondering of what might or might not interest you,little Ruby came over to nuzzle my hand, she just loves to love and be loved,

Dogs ask for so little but give so much. I look down at her little face and wish she could tell me about her life and what she went through, was it an uncomfortable experience or just something that she went along with, I wonder if she compares her life now with before and feels safe and happier? who knows, but the serenity of acceptance is something I’d love to achieve. The human race is always wishing for things to be better in however many way.s, we never seem to be fully content with our lot, Wishing the wage packet to be higher, the bills to be lower is natural, but the wishing for a bigger house or a better car, prettier hair, longer legs is crying to the moon if you know they are unachievable,

Shall I tell you what I’ve always yearned for?      a. to be taller, and b.. to be able to tolerate the cold. . I hate being 5’0″ people don’t take you seriously when you’re small, you just don’t have that ‘commanding presence’ so you make up for it, by either acting the clown, as I often do, and being a little bit ‘mouthy’ as  I sometimes am guilty of.

As for the cold, I just hate the fact that every time the thermometer falls below 18 deg. I am miserable and just want to wrap up warm and hibernate. I go though winter looking like a  bag lady,  I have so many clothes on.

Dogs don’t have these silly problems, as I said , they just accept things.

Right now I’ve got things into a bit of perspective, A good friend of mine Chris, has had to have an eye removed as a tumour was discovered behind it .

AlsoI’ve just heard of another death,the third since Christmas, this time the husband of an old friend of mine.  Brian was a lovely, kindly and unassuming man, who helped me out at dog shows many times in the past, He and his wife Pearl, were a devoted couple. A couple of days previous another old dog friend passed on. Alan had been fighting a lung disease for a long time, contracted from working in the mines. Not long before that , Karina, another dog friend of many years standing succumbed to cancer, |She was a lovely lady and I mean lady, very  glamourus and always beautifully turned out, and blessed with a kindly nature. She did very well in dogs, having trained Obed and Working trials champions, competed and judged at Crufts dog show. That has been three since Christmas, is this a sign of a bad year?

Though as you get on in years, it’s to be expected that your peers will leave this world., making you wonder when it’s your turn. 😦

Which brings me round full circle, that perhaps we shoud be moer like our dogs, cats and whatever pets we have, find contentment in what we have, and stop crying for the moon, we’ll be up there among the stars soon enough.



  1. Arlene

    Well, that last bit is very profound, I hadn’t thought of it that Ruby was a big dog among the Mittels, it would be right. She is very gentle and loving, just constantly wants to be where you are. I’ll tell her to spare you a hug. (0), did you get it?

    • Arlene

      Hi Pen, thanks for reply
      I’ll feel better when this weather improves, and when I think of the poor people in Australia,… well what the hell am I complaining about? I put Wolfie’s comment reply below yours in mistake, duh! anyhow I’m going to keep my shoulders back and tuck in my tummy, they say that makes you look taller, trouble is when I pull my shoulders back my bra loosens. LOL
      My grand-daughters are all about your height, Lisa used to lift me up and hug me, cheeky monkey. and my eldest girl is about 5’6 just about right.
      To-day was milder, and we missed the rain.

    • Yes! I did thanks! It was a lovely furry hug 🙂 Sending one back to her… (0)!! 😉

      • She’s asleep right now Wolfie, but I’ll keep it on hold till she wakens. I’m working on your invite, wold you like it embossed and edged in gold? 🙂

  2. You are so right, Arlene, the simplest thing like a thrown ball, a kind word, a pat or a tummy rub, lifts a dogs day…it’s that simple…and here we humans are, so many things seem to spoil our day…even the fact that my hair won’t ‘go right’ or my clothes don’t look the same as they did when I last wore them…make the day a bit gloomier… Pondering is good, in that we see what’s important for a change, .. and that describes us humans, down one day up the next… Whereas dogs seem to be just ‘up’ there and in a good mood… (mind you they don’t have the worries we do, only wondering if you’ll forget their next mealtime..or not play for a bit) … and yes, it seems that Winter is the worst for mortality losses, so many succumb that we get the glooms ..but that’s life…and death, we all bear so much grief, absorbing the losses that it’s only natural we ponder on it and our own mortality..,I don’t think there are any signs, bad omens or suchlike…it’s just a case of it happens and when it happens depends on circumstances beyond our control…WE just have to roll with the punches, and Bess helps me with that, as does Tango and Ruby with you…They have love to give with no strings attached, they love us and depend on us, we are their whole lives…That black wet nose is a bounty of love..
    and you never know, maybe JD likes littlies (5ft) rather than tallies (I’m 5ft 7″) …sigh!!
    as to blogging and what people like, they like you, Arlene, as do I …so just continue as you are…blog as and when you like…It’s just sharing after all…..take care, you, Tango and Ruby…my favourite trio…xPenx and Bess of course..xx

  3. Aww…Ruby sounds so cute 😉 I’d say her behaviour towards you speaks volumes about how much safer and happier and much more content she feels now. It sounds like she sensed how you were feeling at that moment and that she too was seeking to reassure you that you’re great just the way you are! She sounds very gentle and loving and is finally getting the chance to show it and to feel loved just for her too. I bet she loves being with you and Tango and I’m guessing her personality will really start to surface now she’s not ‘lost’ in the k9 crowd as it were! Remember…she was a big dog (by comparison to her companion dogs) amongst lots of little dogs…and being “tall” wasn’t so great for her then! Lesson there I think!!! Wolfie hugs x 🙂

  4. I don’t think we’d be happy no matter what height we were….you’re short…I’m tall 🙂 That’s not always as great as it’s cracked up to be you know? Both have their….dare I say it….their high points and their low points! lol 😉 But seriously Arlene…no matter how you feel about it you are a great person with loads of character and someone I really admire…you’re great! And you’ve got so much character and spirit 🙂 Your’e a real inspiration at times, so don’t wish you were different to what you are…if you were tall you might be a totally different person and that would such a shame! You’re a fantastic lady just the way you are…so there!! 🙂

    • Arlene

      Wolfie, I was really touched by what you’ve said about me, I mean it, I felt so humbled, you don’t really know me, but saying that I’ll quickly say I’m not an evil person or a weirdo in disguise, genuinely just ordinary . I suppose my bestest redeeming feature is that I’m passionately fond of animals. but you’ve made an old lady very happy by your character assessment of me, I’ll try and live up to it. But many thanks, you’ve given me a warm glow that will last all day now. :-)-

      • I know a great lady and a lovely friend when I meet one 🙂 Icewolfie hugs!

  5. Take heart Arlene….one of my Aunts is due to have her 90th birthday do in April…Easter Saturday in fact….a major headache as I am required to be there and it’s a work day and I doubt I’ll make Manchester in time BUT! Despite being 90 years old she is going to be having her do at a large posh venue with a sit-down meal and a DISCO! Because she likes dancing!!! Not quite what you’d expect from a 90 year old is it?!! So age doesn’t mean a thing! And I can easily imagine you being like that when you get to that age 🙂 Something I have little doubt that you will achieve no problem! So don’t worry about a thing! You’ve got years ahead of you yet 😉

    • Arlene

      You Aunt sounds a wonderful character, I wouldn’t mind living to 90 if I was as upbeat as that, I love dancing and fun things, I do hope you can make it. wouldn’;t mind an invite myself 😉 I’ve only got 16 and 1/2 years to go .

      • Hope you’ve got my invite ready then!! lol 😉

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