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Cheering myself up

Feeling a bit down with this blogging business, so thought  I’d break open the Christmas Baileys and Shortbread,




















Ruby is in the background in bed, and I’m feeling a bit drowsy now myself,



  1. I haven’t had a snowball for years, used to love them, though they are deceptively innocent,just like Baileys, more than a few times I’ve got quite squiffy on both of them. LOL. thanks TG and Pen.

  2. My Mum used to love Baileys Irish Whiskey and also Advacaat as well. Looks delicious!

  3. Hokay!! Cheers, Arlene, I’d love a Baileys, nice of you to offer 😉
    I’ve been tippling on Snowballs over the holidays, (Advocaat, lemonade and Brandy !! Hic!! :~# ) … Lovely!! Hugs,,,x

  4. OK I can take a hint, come on over the doors open and the bottle’s uncorked, thanks for visit.

  5. aha,…. drinking alone and not offering a morsel to your readers… shame on you!! Hmmm, nice nails!! Mine keep breaking, sigh!!

  6. Where was Wolfie’s???!!!!! lol 🙂

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