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Our dog walk

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

When is there going to be an end to this miserable weather, To-day was supposed to be sunny according to the weather forecast man last week, So bearing that in mind Sue, Nicky and I planned a nice walk with the dogs along the beach, what happens it was as grey as a novice’s habit. and not too warm.
Widget and Stroodle
However we went on our walk and dozens of others did the same, the beach was crowded, dog walkers galore. Nicky cried off at the last minute, as where she lives near Winchester way she said it was trying to sleet and none too pleasant, it’s a 40 min drive from me, so we were one dog and one person down, But Sue and I soldiered on, first she went to pick up little Jasper from her Dad’s flat, I’ve posted about him on here before, but I’ve put up his photo again. There was Widget who is a Huntaway X collie, Stroodle, who is a Staffie x Poodle, Tango working sheepdog and Ruby Border collie, Jasper is a Cairn Terrier.
The dogs had a smashing time, and it did Ruby the power of good being with all these dogs who were a bit nearer her size and breed, She’d been with Mittel Spitz for six years before she came to me.
Sue’s mobile phone rang and she thought it might have been from work where she is supervisor, answered it, Then I heard her say NO, Oh MY Goodness. where is he? Jasper was missing! Panic. Fortunately some people had spotted him running around frantically, caught him and read her mobile number on his collar, We were so busy gossiping we hadn’t noticed he wasn’t with us, however we backtracked and he was about 1/4 mile behind us. he was so happy when he heard Sue call . It was fortunate that she changed his ID disc, as her  Dad   would have had a heart attack if he’d got the phone call. But all’s well that ends well, and we got home safe and sound with all six dogs. Us to a welcome plate of soup and rolls, and the dogs a nice biscuit, drink and a welcome sleep.,



  1. ah nothing like a good walk to waer out the dogs. roy takes at least 10 minutes to recharge … !!

    • Arlene

      Spot on Kirsten, though with age [dogs not me] it takes about 15 minutes to re-charge now, me? about 5 hours. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Made it over here finally 🙂 Been having connection problems again since the weather changed and the skies are thick with cloud…and the laptop’s been crashing with worrying frequency the last few days but I’ve no real idea why yet.

    Anyway! Wolfie wants Widget!! As you know…if you all want to continue gossiping…lol…me and Widget will take a little walk on the wildside!

    • Arlene

      I’ve missed you Wolfie, you’ll either have to re-locate of get an astronomically powered computer. But thanks for your visit, I’ve told Sue that Widget has a ready made home should she decide to pass her on. LOL No chance.

      • Missed you too! Astronomicially powered computer! lol 😉 certainly it was astronomically priced!! Hmm..Sue could rest assured Widget would have a very loving home lol!! 😉

  3. I agree about the miserable weather Arlene, ’tis a gray and wet day today. and lovely to see the photo’s of the doggies again. and glad that Ruby had a great time with the ‘pack’.. Bess is one who likes one to one…but more than that and she shies away, as she feels susceptible to fitter dogs in the park with her lack of easy movement ,That’s in the past tho’ now, as she loves playing in the garden so it’s just quiet Sundays we go ‘park wise’
    Glad there was a happy ending with Jasper, little devil…..bye for now…hugs, woofs and licks to the pack, from Pen n’ Bess..xx.

    • Arlene

      Sun’s out this afternoon Pen Yipppeeee
      I think Ruby just likes to be free and able to run, always hoping the ball will appear magically for her, but Tango can’t take the chase anymore, so I have to do sneaky’s and give her a throw when he’s off on a potter. Roll on summer when we can ALL play in the garden
      Hugs to sweetie Bess, I love old lady dogs.

  4. That’ll teach you to gossip! They all look such lovely dogs. I like Westies and Alsatians as does K.

    • Arlene

      Quite right TG, but what’s a walk with friends without a good gossip? but we did take our eye off the ball on that occasion, in our defence, we are so used to the collies, who don’t do things like bu****r off, you get a bit complacent.
      I fancied a westie before I got Ruby, but I’d heard so much about their skin probs, I was wary. German Shepherds are my first love, and I’ve had four, but I’m getting too old to handle the size and temperament, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

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