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Help please

I’m buying a new Laptop and giving my G/daughter my old one, there’s only barely 1/10th space left just over 1GB on the data and the other stuff, I’m in  a quandary about what to get rid of to free up space. I have an external disk to which I am transferring personal stuff, pictures and things, but it’s hardly making a dent in the memory, can anyone help me, I possibly could send a snapshot of what programmes are on here if that would help.


  1. Pen, whatever you’re on – do tell me, so I can avoid it. LOL I think you’re the one that needs the new computer, one with a keyboard that can spell. love to Bess, Ruby says Hi big sis, Tango says WOOF.
    Arlene says she’s off to bed in a mo, had a nice long phone conversation with friend, very nice one,\but it has eaten into my PC time, sorry.
    I can now picture someone with candy floss hair and a black dog, very distinctive.

  2. oh she’s been out all right, and ok frizzy or flossy, (sometimes it looks like candy floss if I don’t tame it!!) …. it’s so wet/misty out there that she turns all black, with no white bits!! BATHTIME!! ah…her maj is calling again!!
    must go and feed her, hugs and woofs to you, Tango and Ruby, from Pen and BIg Sis, Bess!!.xx

    • forget my head …etc….will hopefully call round tomorrow and get a comment in before the New Tear…hugs/woofs ‘n’ licks …xx

      • Tear?????? YEAR!!! blimey…hope that’s not a flipping omen !! This keyboards a terrible speller!! *cough* …xx

  3. I wonder if you need to run your Windows disc again?… maybe clear off everything ?. and your G/daughter could start afresh?. just download the necessary programmes? or would this get rid of some you bought?
    Just a thought, ‘cos I have Windows XP still, something went wrong and I was informed by a knowledgeable (?) friend that running the disc would put the error right…but he told me to take the first option which cleared the whole of my Hard drive and I had to start again from scratch..!! OH was I amused?….NO!! but it did clear everything down, and gave me the opportunity to chose carefully what I really needed…
    probably of no help…but did give a chance to get it out of my um… system!!” 😉 xPenx and licks etc…from Bess. (who wants to go out in the rain and play!! and my hair’ll go all flossy!!)

    • Funny I’ve been wondering about that Pen, but I’m unsure of what to ‘clear off’ I’ve been transferring all my pics and stuff on to my external drive. Lord I didn’t realize I had so many photos.\thousands, I kid you not. I wonder if I just clicked on the ‘C’ drive and ‘send to’ my external drive, everything would transfer over. I’m on Vista
      BTW what do you mean your hair’ll go ‘flossy’ don’t you mean frizzy?
      Hope you let Bess have just a little run out in the rain, give her a special hug from me if you didn’t
      Thanks for help X

  4. Have you run defrag’? and also the scheduled tasks to clear temporary files and internet files etc all of which will free up space?

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