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Mirror, mirror

They just don’t make mirrors like they used to do they, well not in my area.

Many years ago, when I’d get myself all spruced up to go out, I’d look in the mirror and see what I expected to see, that is, the results of my preening and pampering, and being quite content with the result I could go on out to wherever I was going feeling confident that though I might not exactly turn heads, I could pass in a crowd without frightening the horses or such-like.
Things have all changed, and all I can blame it on is the new fangled mirrors. Going to lunch with a friend the other day, I got myself smartened up as usual, putting on my make up carefully, tweaking and primping my hair to get the curls to frame my face ‘just so’ that I thought was the most flattering style. I could just picture what I looked like, again not maybe turning heads, well not too many [smirk] and I sally forth to meet Sue, . I passed a mirror and just had to glance to make sure everything was OK and horror of horrors, WHO THE HELL IS THAT WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES AS ME? but hang on, there’s something familiar about the face, but where were the plumped up lips, the wide doe eyes, the smooth skin? somehow the eyes have disappeared, the lips have got thinner, and what’s these marks running down from my nose to my mouth, it looks like pencil marks, what the hell is going on here. Can’t be me, that person is fatter, and stoops a bit, the clothes don’t quite fit, hell, I paid £50 for these trousers, she doesn’t wear them nearly as well, the backside’s a bit saggy. and that blouse, just like the one I paid £30 for, the front where the boobs should be, are sort of ‘droopy’ perhaps she’s not wearing a bra, looks like it. How could anyone go out like that, Some people have no taste, ugh and her hair, she’s going bald at the corners, in fact she hasn’t got half as much as I. have. I’d suggest a wig for her..
I see my friend is coming toward me I see her in the mirror and she’s come right up beside the hag, puts her arms round her and says, Hi Arlene ready to go for lunch?
I tell you they just don’t make mirrors like they used to.


  1. Firstly Arlene…never ever go to Specsavers! Stay with the old out of focus pair and you will look just fine 😉 lol Secondly buy a portable dimmer switch to utilise anywhere that may involve mirrors and bright lights and a even a hint of unflattering images to be seen! Fantastic blog I couldn’t comment on the first read from laughing!! Do keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I don’t know about rose tinted glass Anne,\ but I’m thinking they should be banned in public, that gave me a fright! , I laughed at daughter’s remarks, LOLO brings back memories when my two girls were younger. nice to see you on hear Anne hope you and yours had a nice Christmas,
    Loved the feedback Kirsten, maybe you’ve got it the ‘rightest’
    Don’t know about soft focus Pen,\I think a paper bag over my face might be the idea.
    Thanks all for your comments, they made me smile.

  3. ah the cruel gaze of a mirror when you least expect it…
    I blame the lighting sometimes ..’tis usually over-bright and very cruel…
    A womans friend is soft focus, seen it many times on TV …We should all have the knack!! Maybe handed out with the new fangled mirrors!!

  4. ahh beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dear 😉
    we stay beautiful, its just a different kind.

  5. I think all mirrors should be viewed through rose tinted glasses!
    It seems I am not the only one who talks to the image looking back at me and asking her where that girl has gone and what a life she has seen and lived.
    Youngest daughter is not flavour of the month with eldest daughter since she told her she had more crows feet than me!

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