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Deleting this blog

I’m probably going to delete this blog with only two followers it seems to be a waste of time posting on here. I’ll just stick to blogspot, I’ll give it one more go and see what happens., so here is the post I put on blogspot’

My rotten week.
This week has been a bit of a bummer.. I try not to be too downbeat when I post, but I’m hoping that getting it all off my chest will put it all into perspective and it won’t seem so grotty. And if anyone wishes to top it, feel free, it might make me feel better.
I’d been planning for some time to have a kitchen make over, I mentioned it to my daughters and before I knew it it wasn’t just a thought it was going to be actioned. I also told a couple of friends and with the same result, The suggestions then came thick and fast, move this here, or there, get rid of that, add this go for white,no,dark,or maybe natural, confusion reigned. So I went to the local stores who deal in this stuff, I had three ‘planners’ visit,\all with different ideas, however picking the bones out of the three I sorted what I wanted and chose the goods. Then it was the turn of the fitters,\I had two come up and give me their spiel on things. One made a great to do of it and I knew he was going to over charge, he probably thought, ‘aha, woman on her own poor old dear won’t have a clue what’s what…wrong.. so when I got his over inflated quote I binned it. The other was a bit nearer the mark so it was put on hold,\the last one had given me a rough estimate over the phone and as he was highly recommended I had him over. Immediately he spotted some glaring mistakes and suggested some alterations, also his quote was way below the others. I then phoned the suppliers to see about delivery and payment of units., and was told as they weren’t going to be delivered till after New year, they would be subject to the increase in VAT, I argued that I was paying in full beforehand, but she said it was to do with the fact that they would be invoiced and delivered after the 4th Jan. I said forget the lot I’ll go elsewhere. Hang on she said I’ll have a word with the top man, success, he cut the price of the units to cover it. #I was also having a new cooker, trawled the ‘net and got sorted with what I wanted, I was given a date for delivery Monday 20th Dec 9 am I had a man come to disconnect the old one on Sunday evening. Monday morning had a phone call that the cooker would not be delivered till Thursday 2 pm as they couldn’t get out of the depot because of the snow.Wedensday am another phone call,\cooker won’t be delivered till Christmas Eve hopefully am.ggggrrrrrrrrrrrd I am fed up eating microwaved ready meals and trying to toast on a n electric plate. also hoping that the man who is reconnecting it will be available then.
Next Ruby jumped up on my knee and broke two keys and damaged three others on the laptop, That cost me £20 for a new keyboard..
Next, Tango has een not very well for a couple of days and has had me up several times in the night,\not much fun in this cold weather, I took him to the vet yesterday and £75 later was informed it was his arthritis and his hind leg muscles were a bit atrophied. I’m not too happy with the diagnosis,\I feel there is something further as he is retching a bit and is still getting up and pacing. good timing eh? I think he’ll be back to the vet tomorrow,\IF I get the time and providing the cooker comes in time and I can tie up with the connector.
Next. The hydraulics in the stays of my car back door ]hatchback] and if I don’t push it right up when I take the dogs out it will come down on me,\well it has, about three times,\luckily on my back not my head.Maybe it would be a good thing as they would maybe take me into hospital and I’d get a rest. Moan over folks.


  1. THank you my friends for your boost, and sorry to be so late,\but I’ve been a bit busy to-day. I won’t delete the blog right now, I’ll see how things go, Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for the sympathy vote, as it’s the same blog as on blogger, it just seems a bit of a waste of time doing two. OK maybe I am being just a tad sensitive due to all the upsets I’ve been having, so I thank you sincerely for putting up with me. #Pen I am sorry to hear your still having little probs with Bess, I know the feeling too well,\but as you say, she’s still here. but do be careful grinning in this weather is one thing but BARING it is another, LOL
    Big hugs to Bess, and keep warm says Tango and Ruby X

  2. Aww Arlene,
    I know it’s all these things together.. One at a time and you’d be ok…but the worry about Tango must be underlying everything else. It would be with me, if it was Bess…
    I was out this morning at 3 with Bess, since the last bout of sickness she’s not able to ‘hold on’ overnight so that’s one worry…But I just grin and bare it ‘cos she’s still here…Huge sighs of relief!!
    I hope everything sorts itself out soon, and wherever you finally decide to post I’ll keep up and follow you, can’t get rid of me that easily!!
    All the best, my friend…and I do hope Tango gets better soon…
    Merry Christmas, and I hope Santa brings JD for a ‘sleep over’
    .hugs, licks and woofs, to you all, from Pen ‘n’ Bess x

  3. Sorry I’m late catching up with you…been rushed off feet in last minute christmas madness, and last night trying to get that blog sorted out. Seemed like a vital necessity at the time even though there’s prob not many people around right now to read it. Didn’t get finished till 10pmish cos Live Writer wouldn’t post for ages and didn’t have time to do much else online in the end. But I have whizzed round tonight 🙂

  4. Oh dear…I can see why your blog situation must feel like the last straw in a very bad week! Don’t do anything too rash, after all it is almost christmas and people will be gearing up to not being around much for the next few days anyway, and if you’re having a bad week anyway it’s no wonder if the lack of visitors makes you feel like giving it up. Wait till you’re feeling better in yourself and things are running more smoothly then you might feel differently about deleting this blog. It would be a shame…and I don’t get to Blogger as often as here. Try to relax and enjoy your christmas 🙂 And a big christmas Wolfie hug to Ruby and Tango!

  5. I know its no consolation Arlene but I think everyone gets weeks like this where everything seems to go wrong. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year

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