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Spare a tear

I was taking the dogs to the local Rugby club ground this morning when I saw what I thought was a rat hobbling along the side of the drive in then realized it was a little hedgehog just a baby trundling through the packed snow. I got an old dog towel from the car and scooped it up. Later when I checked on him/her I noticed blood on the side of the basket I’d popped him in. On closer look the poor little mite had a horrendous wound on it’s head and the skull was showing with another smaller wound. I drove straight to the local vet and they took it in and I was told it would have to be put down as the wound was far too serious to be saved.

I took a photo on my phone just before I too it in.

What a lot of pain the poor little thing must have been in just so sad.



  1. I was hoping to save it and release it in the garden so it could eat all my slugs next year, A little bit of self interest there too.
    Seriously, I did feel for the little mite. as you say Wolfie so many dangers await them.

  2. Such a sad story…so many dangers await these little creatures…but it was lucky to be found by you and at least it won’t have to suffer any longer, for which I’m sure it was very grateful.

  3. Very sad story Arlene,
    I thought at first on reading that it could be saved…Poor little baby, and now I’m welling up and that’s no good for anyone, least of all that little hedgehog.. AT the very least he/she is now free of pain….

    • Yes Pen I agree it’s free from pain it’s the only way to look at it. I’m so glad I found it.

  4. I would have done the same as you Arlene and then spent the rest of the day crying! I do get upset whenever I find an animal hurt. What a shame they couldn’t do anything for it.

    • I know the feeling TG but the wound you see was the skull and it had another smaller wound |I don’t know how it could possibly have happened possibly a car it was at the entrance to the rugby club but off the main road it was too small to be out maybe it was a fox though this was aat 9.30 in the morning.

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