Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Just for fun

My score was 51, see if you can pot the ball in as few shots as possible


  1. I told you you’d get better, now with that and Bess’s joy at more snow you’re all happy bunnies at the Penpusher Villa Give her an extra pat from me.XXX from T & R.

  2. ummm…well I tried it to take my mind off my tooth, and it did, ….but trouble is I’m not very good when things don’t go …quite right…my final score was…er….93?…. No7~ took 24 strokes..and the last one …it kept coming back at me…and it took 10 strokes….
    it says do I want to play again…’cos I think it feels sorry for me… sigh!!
    good game though..!! What tooth?.. 😉 xPenx

    • \LOL keep trying you’ll get better as will your poor mouth

      • Yippeee… scored .68? slightly better and one I got under par..the 13th hole…yeah!!..and my tooth’s a bit better!!
        It snowed more overnight..and Bess is loving it..although I’m not… hugs and licks to all…from Pen and Big Sis. Bess…xx

  3. I’ll have to have a go later Arlene, ’twas the vets for Bess’s Cartrophen this morning, and now I’m off to the dentist…or did I get that the wrong way round?…OUCH!! …. 😉 catch ya later…xx

    • Oh dear Pen I do sympathise but just make sure you get things in the right order I don’t know if Cartrophen works for toothache and I wouldn’t put my poor dogs near a dentist. SHeila on blogspot got a score of 48 !!! now then see what you can do I’ve got another blog to do right now then I’m going to transfer a load of stuff to my external drive as I’ve only got 1 and a bit GB left on here.
      Hugs to Bess. from me and XXXX from Tango and Ruby. and commiserations to you from us all.

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