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In a daze over holidays

In a daze on Holidays

Looking through the paper this morning I noticed that already they have started advertising their holiday bookings for next year, at the same time they are advertising winter get aways Places like Norway, and Switzerland for ski-ing and winter fun, Now I think who in their right mind would want to go to cold countries when there’s plenty enough cold and snow in GB right now? I can understand the urge to go to Malaya, or South Africa, or even as far away as Australia, all that sun and warm beaches, the thought is so tantalising, Oh how I wish But I’m not keen on holidays at the best of times, I hate living out of suitcases, I hate the thought that someone is going to come into your hotel room, when you’ve gone out for the day, Do you take your passport, spare cash, good jewellery (pass) with you, or put it in the hotel safe, what a hassle, Did you put your case keys in your handbag, or was it in your pocket, or maybe they’re in the jacket you just took off, or horrors, leave them in the case and lock it?

Do you dress for dinner, then change back casual ‘cos you’re having an evening in, oh dear am I an old humbug when it comes to holidays

I’ve always  had a yearning to go to Japan, I find the culture fascinating,  maybe I will one day, then I think of the travelling, the queues /delays/strikes at the airport,  sigh , I don’t know that I could face it, I’ll put it on hold, but it does make me wonder what makes people go for a particular type of holiday, sun and sea or snow and skis ., or maybe your happy where you are and hope things improve .The world’s your oyster


  1. What’s a holiday?? lol can’t remember the last time I had one of those! So you’d like to go to Japan? Wow! You’re ambitious! Quite a culture shock I should think but oh so exciting!!

    • I too am thinking holidays will be a thing of the past, as it’s such a fag.. There’s just something about Japan and Japanese culture that fascinates me, dunno why or what, I also love their art, the sheer simplicity of it I find sort of peaceful. But I expect if I went it wouldn’t be all that I expected. Next year we’re talking about going to the Edinburgh Tattoo, no comparison is there? LOL

  2. Hi Pen I’m sure you’ll enjoy it on your own or boyfriend too?
    Talking of nodding dogs I’ve got two in my car a little pink poodle whom I shall now call Ruby and a Schnauzer couldn’t get a collie. they nod to me all the time and agree with everything I say …Tango says to Bess is your Mum as daft as mine? talking to toy dogs HUH!

  3. I haven’t had a holiday for a while, last one was to Bath with my BF to see his Mum and family last Christmas, Bess stayed with my ex…and I feel so guilty about that…She became ill then…and I wonder sometimes..!!
    BUT besides that, I haven’t been abroad other than a small coach trip round Belgium, France and Holland, and I would so love to be in a warm country at the mo, we’ve only had the snow and frost for over a month now, but it feels much, much, longer… Stayed in a hotel in Bath,… and always dressed for dinner, I love dressing up away from home, then lazed about in a comfy outfit…(I slouch about in loose tops and pants, and dress wearing is a long gone art, ‘cos it’s trouser suits for work.) …but I love the thought of somewhere colourful like Japan, …and despite the worries about strikes etc…Arlene, I’d just GO for It, …take the chance…it’d be worth all in experience…BUT saying that, it;s what makes a holiday for you, personally, I’d just like to be in England, at a seaside, on a warm and balmy day, (without any crowds of course, !!) and soak up the atmosphere..dreaming, and floating away,,,, (not on the sea, can’t swim….if I was floating it’d be ‘help ‘ time !!) 🙂
    Thanks for your ‘punny’; comment, 😉 and here’s a link to brighten your spirits…
    lots of hugs and licks to you, Tango and Ruby, …form a cold but cheerful Pen n’ Bess x

    • FROM,…. my flipping typing gets…worserer!!

    • Sigh……………….. page 7 top row 4th along, now where’s that hat, I’ve got a job for it, something to do with transport.
      As for going to Japan, I think I’ll pass, with all the hassle at airports not unless I had Mr Depp for company And TBH, give me a nice warm day about 27 degrees, I’m happy in my garden with the dogs Typing is hard work here with a broken keyboard, don’t always get the apostrophe or P or bracket or colon/semi colon I wonder if it can be mended, or is it a new lappie grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • I don’t suppose you’ll be taking a chance going away this Christmas Pen not unless Bess can go to
      Talking of dressing up, every year before winter, I tell myself I’ll dress ‘ smart’ and every year it goes pear shaped, I just pile on as much as my little 5′ 0″ frame can take , I don’t think even the dogs recognise me at times.
      Roll on summer and I’ll get ‘me’ back again.Tango and Ruby says to Bess “haven’t we got pathetic Mums can’t take a little bit of cold.?

      • That’s right, Arlene,, ’tis a home Christmas this year, and it’ll seem strange after being in a hotel for the last two Christmas’s …. I’ll have to cook for myself instead of just having it brought to me ….sobs!! BUT saying that, Bess’s company is worth a lot.. beyond the price of er..rubies…..Not your Ruby of course…just a saying!! ..
        Bess is nodding to Tango and Ruby?..they talking about us? …lol!!
        hugs and woofs ‘n’ licks to you all.
        from Pen ‘n’ Bess..xx

  4. Hi, you have been reading my blog lately, a big thank you for that. Wanted you to know that when you leave your blog address you are miss-spelling wordpress in your address. This throws you in with the spam. Now I know this can happen to anyone so don’t feel bad, I just thought you should know.

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