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Boo Hoo

Well folks, I shoulda worn that hat, and made a wish, because it snowed, and had a last minute cancellation.

Woke up at 7 am and saw the white stuff, my spirits fell, uh oh, I thought doesn’t look too good, went back to bed till 8 am as I had a plumber coming up to disconnect the cooker at 10 [I’m having a new one]  so couldn’t see the sense getting up too early as I couldn’t take the dogs out.

The snow started to melt and I hoped it would disappear. but when I took the dogs out at 4 pm it was starting to freeze up and the roads were getting icy, When I got home there was a phone call to say the roads round that area were becoming quite nasty and it would be foolish to attempt to drive. *%$?)*~ I thought, I haven’t got a meal for tonight, no cooker and only one slice of bread that was for my breakfast toast, I was going to make a fresh loaf tomorrow. Lucky I’ve got a combi microwave so instead of a nice three course meal I had beans on toast, hence the Boo Hoo.

I must admit though disappointed, I was very dubious about going out, as when I walked the dogs I slipped a couple of times. Oh well we’ll just have to re schedule for next year, not the same though is it.

Thanks all for your earlier comments I’ll go back to them in a mo.


  1. Thanks all for the sympathy, let’s face it I saved myself around £12 as we pay for the birthday folks meals as well ANother poor eating day to-day, I thought my microwave would be enough to see me through, but I couldn’t be bothered so had a sausage sandwich, Lucky to have my bread machine , so I’m O|K for bread, the new cooker comes to-morrow ANd that hat is well and truly glued on, but tell me Pen, is there a limit on the amount of wishes, cos I’m sure I could keep it in business for some time I’m still waiting for that sunshine Ian

  2. Yes you should have worn that hat and made a wish!! We are now buried in snow and none of the food lorries can get to the supermarkets so there is no bread on the shelves 😦 Not having a bread making machine here that is serious!! So pls put that magic hat back on and glue it there!!

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get your birthday celebration but better you’re safe to see another day not laid up in hospital or worse. Talking of which go careful when you’re dog walking! Don’t want you breaking your neck on the ice! 🙂

  3. *%$?)*~, too…I concur with your thoughts!!
    such a shame Arlene, and yes, the Magic hat should be worn at all times…or it’ll go walkabout!! (says it in the small print on the inner hidden label!!) 😉 .. so, dry those tears, you’re safe and warm, and a meal is at hand…and maybe a re-schedule will be possible when this white stuff decides to depart!
    glad you and Tango and Ruby are all safe and warm…xPen ‘n Bess’ x

  4. Sorry Arlene that you didn’t get your wish and glad that you at least had a fall back to eat. It’s par for the course at this time of year and so unpredictable. We had to go to the hairdressers yesterday but its just a walk away so no big deal.

    • I think its becoming too predictable TG Snow, snow and more snow LOL My hairdresser is even closer, she comes to me, no, not rich, just been lucky and getting a good one who doesn’t charge the earth

  5. Sorry you missed out on the birthday celebrations , not much you can do about the weather, I am sure I sent you some Aussie hot weather , must still be on its way,
    Cheers , keep smiling , eat well and stay warm
    Ian aka Emu

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