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Please don’t snow

Please don’t snow tomorrow, sixteen of us are going to a birthday celebration to-morrow evening and as the pub is in a rural country road, we won’t be able to go, It’s the birthday of two of our dancing group, Mary and Digby. Remember when I went to Jersey last month? well due to the ferry being delayed we missed Veronica’s birthday [another member] so please don’t snow, I need the fun and merriment  we have at these little get togethers.

It’s bitterly cold outside, I don’t envy these poor dogs of mine  having to go outside to answer the call of nature.

I’m just watching Cher on TV, it’s amazing watching her, her eyes are the only things on her face that moves. miaow. sorry couldn’t resist that one,



  1. I think it’s her way of telling me she doesn’t like the time I spend on the computer, She’s been out twice to-day and in the snow, at risk to life and limb (mine)

  2. The dog (Ruby) has jumped on my laptop and broken two keys on the keyboard! hells bells, this is not my lucky day

    • Ruby! You are a very naughty girl!! Go and sit in the corner and wish for NO MORE snow 😉

  3. Replied by new blog

  4. K and I did our usual adaptation to the elements and after walking up in the snow to the hairdressers to have our hair done, we caught the bus down to town, bought a few bits and pieces and then went for a drink and a meal at the local Weatherspoons. You have to be totally adaptable. If you can’t get out, then party at home!

    • I think you and K managed to get the most enjoyment out of the whole saga of the snow TG, good on ya.
      Thanks to all for your comments, I have enjoyed them and they’ve helped pass the time in between watching Strictly.

  5. We had a diddy bit of snow on the ground this morning. In the last two hours of a horrendous snow storm has put 4 inches at least over everything.
    Was hoping to take g’kids to my parents tomorrow as Dad’s club has an xmas party for them to go to. They live on the coast 50 miles away from me and have got thunderstorms and torrential rain right now!
    My car is snowed in, the road is nigh on impossible to drive on so I reckon I shall be homebound for a day or two.
    Hope it is mild enough for you to get to your shindig and you have a great time letting your hair down and having fun.

    • Oh Anne , what a shame for the kids, I hope they’re not too disappointed at missing the party, and seeing their grandparents, it seems this snow is causing such a lot of heartbreak for a lot of people with upset plans , holidays etc. My little spoilt evening is nothing compared to the many sad and unhappy tales we’ve been hearing about, of ruined holidays and missed appointments.
      I hope the kids won’t mind too much and you can get to see your folks soon.

  6. CatsRuS

    I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you so that it doesn’t snow and you can get to the pub to celebrate your friend’s b-days.
    We’re being threatened on this side of the pond with a bit of snow too. There’s a cold wind blowing in from the north tonight…… I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sprinkle at least.
    I giggled when I read the bit about Cher’s eyes being the only thing that moves on her face. lol. And I don’t think you were being catty, just a mere observation is all. 😉
    I said to someone the other day that some celebs seem to be aiming for that ‘inhuman’ look when they get work done on themselves, so many of them go to the extreme when they really looked just fine the way they were.

    • You can uncross your fingers and toes now Robyn, but many thanks. I do think Cher is a good singer and actress, but just find it amusing that they cant be content with the talent they’re given but want to regain their youth etc, in the ned it all looks so artificial, oh well each to their own.

  7. I’m afraid that your request has been ignored (well at least it has here!) Wondered why my bedroom was all lit up this morning at 04.30am! Looks so lovely out of the bedroom window whilst no one has walked in it. I’m terribly tempted to get dressed and be the first!

    • Spot on TG but I didnt get up at 4.30 am to add to my misery. though one of our dance folk said she was up at 3 am to take photos, mad! or am I just a woos!

  8. Sending you a bit of Australian magical weather , no snow , no rain and plenty of beer flowing at the pub , birthday greetings to your two beaut friends from Australia
    Ian aka Emu

    • Sorry Ian, it didn’t work, but I’ll pass on the good wishes

  9. YET!!!! Btw….there’s a snowdrift developing at the doorway to your blog with all this snow around! Here’s the shovel!!! 🙂

    • I’ve had enough snow to last me a twelve month Wolfie
      catch your comments later, love them all, thanks

      • Me too 🙂 Snow didn’t listen though…it was back blizzard force by half way through the morning at work and the roads and pavements are now death traps. Didn’t even get to go out on the town last night!!

  10. Hi 😉 …flying visit just to say I will be back! Late finish and no online time tonight so katch ya tomorrow for this post and the previous one…you know you like lots of feedback! Read the comments on your earlier post but haven’t been able to add anything to edify it further!! 🙂

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