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Ruby’s update

Update on Ruby

Hi all Thanks for all your lovely comments and warm welcome for Ruby. Penny D made me laugh when she said about her pee-ing on the sheepskin rug, “well, she is a ‘sheep-dog” lol she is that.
Fortunately she hasn’t done any naughties indoors since, but I’m watching her.
Chip, I’m glad Buddy is settling, tell him to send Ruby some hints and tips on how to handle new Mums.
She is a little worry wort, and forgot who I was when I came back home last night after being out. She hasn’t been off lead yet, but I’ve been assured that she’ll be OK and won’t bolt, but I’ve always had all my dogs from pups and trained them for sociability and all the necessary things so they can fit in with family life. She’s had three litters of pups so far, but I will have her speyed as I don’t ‘do’ puppies and litters.
I bought her a bed and she looks quite cute curled up in it.

Well folks that’s about all there is to relay, not a lot but if you want a laugh go to my I’ve posted some jokes there.



  1. Thanks Arlene, for your reply comment on here and your email..I’ve looked online to see how the lands lies with yearly Boosters for dogs, but couldn’t get any idea on which way the opinion goes…and the vets are led by their want of money…( I know they look after your dog etc.., but I always get the feeling they’re pushing you for teeth cleaning, and other added bonus’s to line their pockets.. leaving you wondering should I do it or not? They play on your love for your pet and all I want is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but…and they fall far short!!) ….thanks for your info about the dog circles attitude to boosters, I always check with the vet …but of course they say it’s necessary!! well, they would.!! ….hugs to you, Tango and Ruby…. Pen and Bess…xx

    • It’s a shame that you don’t get the real truth about injection boosters, but the choice is the owners. It’s well known that, a. their un-necessary yearly, and b. they can actually cause problems, but that’s not very common. I’ve never had a dog vaccinated beyond 6 years. Little Ruby here, has never been vaccinated I’m told, but I’d certainly never go that far.

  2. Lovely little dog Arlene, but she looks such a nervous little soul! Frightened of her own shadow! I hope you can bring her out of herself and build up some confidence in her, it’s a shame to see them look so anxious. I rather suspect anxiety and stress had a lot to do with the peeing problem too. Hope all goes well with her 🙂

    • Arlene

      Hi Wolfie, nice to hear from you, I was going to email but time has just not been on my side for a couple of days, Ruby aside, I’ve got a painting to finish.
      Yes she is a bit nervy, but I think it’s more to do with lack of socialisation than anything, she hasn’t had the easiest of starts, having been deprived of her home and then having to share with lots of little dogs, but at least she had somewhere, though with her disposition she would have benefited from a bit more stability. I’m crossing fingers it all works out. Thanks for comment.

  3. Arlene

    Thanks all for your replies and nice comments once again.

  4. Arlene

    Hi Robyn, Ruby is 8.1/2 I think she’ll be 9 come May. I haven’t got her papers yet, that’ll be when I say I will keep her.

  5. shes so sweet! she will make a darling once she has acclimated to your home. she will be the totally devoted – and needy, no doubt – faithful dog.
    roy, our chocolate lab, asnt skittish, but is very needy! always right behind you. aggrevating someties, when in the house, because i tend to do a lot of 180 turns when doing things in the house. and theres roy, ready to trip me and get the insurance money … heh!

    • Arlene

      That’s a good one, to collect the insurance money, now I wonder if someone’s put Roy up to that. LOL Tango is the same though, you go out of a door for a millisecond just to put something down, turn and he’s there. ‘where you goin’ Mum’ is written all over his face, now I’ve got two of them.

  6. ‘settling in’ time ..I remember it well with Bess…Ruby looks so comfortable, Arlene, I’m sure she’ll gain more and more confidence with your love and support and Tango’s too, of course… Wishing all the ‘pack’ lovely days ahead…woof and licks from Bess.. and hugs from me …xPenx

    • Arlene

      Will Bess accept a lick and a K9 hug from Ruby, she has so much affection in her little body it must be shared.

      • Bess has been to the dreaded vets again, but this time just for her Yearly Booster….Chris (the receptionist who’s a friend, as we’ve seen her so often over the years) had some news about her own Border, Molly, she died when Bess was first ill, so Chris didn’t tell me at the time……and I’m welling up now …God…I know there’s a ending , there always has to be…but it’s so damned hard!! ….so, I just called round to see Ruby, and of course Bess will take a K9 lick and hug!! and so will I !! 😀 xx

      • Oh Pen I am so sorry for your friend’s loss, and for how hard you’re taking it. It’s the ache that never leaves you, I can get tearful when I think about my Jet and that was over five years ago. If I get another two years from Tango I will consider myself lucky, if three I will be blessed. I get panicky sometimes when I envisage what life would be without him, hence getting Ruby, as I’ve said I need the comfort and company of a dog. And maybe you will come round to that way of thinking too. We can’t keep them forever, much as we want to. Remember my blog ‘the dogs in my life’? I still haven’t finished it, I start and then find it too painful. sigh, On the ‘up’ side I had Whisper for 17.1/2 lovely years. so come on Bess, you’re just a youngster. big hugs to you and your human Mum and k9 licks from Tango and Ruby.

  7. Actually Arlene it was me who stated ‘Well she is a sheepdog’ in the comments. I am glad she is settling in and looks quite at home in that bed. The ‘accident’ must have been her way of marking her new territory! 😉

    • Arlene

      Sorry TG, I haven’t had much time to check everything out properly. but it was very apt. I’ll accept that she can claim this as her territory, after me and Tango of course, she needn’t remind me again. so far she hasn’t.

  8. CatsRuS

    Ruby does look very cute and comfy in her new bed. How old is Ruby Arlene?

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