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Meet Ruby

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Meet Ruby

Hi all I mentioned in my last post I was thinking of getting another dog, Tango is thirteen in a few days and I know I will be absolutely bereft when he goes, I’ve never been without a dog in over 40 years and I don’t think I could function without the love and companionship of one. My friend Sue brought the subject up again when she looked after Tango when I went to Jersey, as she knows too well what I’d be like., so we set the wheels in motion. It got round the dog world of obedience that I’m involved in and I had a few offers and suggestions. I opted for one from an old friend of mine. She was from a broken home and is eight years old and has been with my friend for about 5 years. she breeds little Spitz dogs and felt that Ruby just needed a home of her own. I didn’t want a young dog as they can live till 15 years and that would take me …. well we won’t go there…pass.

She is very shy as she hasn’t had a lot of socialising for some time, so my work is going to be cut out gaining and restoring her confidence. Though she appears to want affection.

She’s small which suits me now, I don’t feel up to coping with German Shepherds any more. sigh

Tango has accepted her as he does with all dogs.

She peed on my sheepskin rug. fingers crossed that was a one off.


  1. awww shes a cutie! what a sweet face! i bet she wont pee on anything again.

  2. I hope she fits into your little family group like a a glove…(and doesn’t pee any more on your rug!!)….maybe just a nervous reaction?..
    She looks so lovely Bess’s case she’d be too jealous, always has been , so too late to change her now..(not that I would if I could) and talking of the ‘darling’ gotta take her out now.. So, I’ll say bye to you, Tango and of course the new addition to the ‘flock’ Ruby….
    a hug and woof from me an’ Bess to you all.. xPenx

  3. Ahh she’s lovely! Hope she settles in okay. She might be nervous which caused that accident but I would take the sheepskin rug up just in case. As she is a sheepdog, might be that she thought that’s what it was for! 😉

  4. CatsRuS

    Hi Arlene. Ruby is a pretty dog, I’m glad she’s found a nice loving home with you and Tango.

    • Thank you Robyn, We’re keeping fingers crossed, loved the avatar. lol

  5. Curiosity Abounds

    Ruby looks so timid and a little bit of a nervous disposition. She is so sweet and dainty. I think it is always a good thing to have a second friend come to stay and learn from the first before they become an only companion. I am sure Ruby will settle in when she gets a taste of the good life with all those lovely walks and loves from you.

    • Thanks Anne, it will take a little time for her to relax, hopefully it works out as she really needs a forever home. I’m prepared to give it my best shot. thanks for comment and for comments on my blogger snow blog, to cheer you up check out my this’n’that blogspot, I put jokes on that one.

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