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It’s snowing here

Hi all, it’s me again, hoping to fill you in on what I’ve been up to, First, I think I’m dispensing with WordPress, as I don’t have any followers on there that I don’t have here, does that matter you may ask, not really, but it’s nice to get feedback. and I haven’t really got the time to keep checking on so many blogs.


I like everyone else, was very upset to hear that Chip had lost Sam, I’d got to know them over the past year or so, and being a dog lover took interest in his goings on, it is just so sad and very upsetting when your best friend has to be given that final sleep, I know the feeling only too well,  I’ve had to do it several times.


Just before I read about Chip and Sam, I’d been contemplating having another dog, Tango is 13 in a couple of weeks., if I have him for another two years I will consider myself lucky, if three, I will be well blessed.

When my friend Sue had Tango when I went to Jersey, it came to her that when his life is over I will be a basket case, and she knows me well enough to know how true that would be, so we started making enquiries. I was contacted by an old acquaintance from way back, Eddie, with an offer of a bitch she had that needs a home, she’s 8 yrs old. Sue and I had planned to go to-day to Dorchester to meet them, Ruby she is called, they were  coming from Devon,

Well the snow put paid to that didn’t it! so we’re going on Sunday, weather permitting.


When I got up this morning I discovered that we hadn’t escaped the snow after all, [I was feeling a bit smug we hadn’t had any]  it was 5″ deep in places and still falling. A couple of phone calls to cancel the meeting and   got togged up to take Tango out, I thought, that was easier said than done,





My car was an unrecognisable heap of white, and the drive down was a beautiful pristine ribbon .



I abandoned the idea of taking the car and decided to walk, down the drive, turn left , a bit further turn right an on to the main road., to the left Highcliffe, to the right, New Milton


Just to the left of the Highcliffe picture there is a footpath sign, it leads down to Chewton Bunny, which is an old smuggler’s path., bringing contraband goods from the beach to be taken to Christchurch. It’s a walk I go regularly, it leads to the sea trough a pretty woodland with a stream running through the middle. We decided on that one to-day.




Isn’t he brave, ??or daft. brrrrrrrrr it must have been cold


A gentleman was taking pictures and I asked him if he would take one of me and Tango. and he kindly agreed.


Me and my best friend

I think that’s it for now folks, way past my bedtime, I hope you haven’t been bored, but there were so many photos to choose from. We don’t get snow very often, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to take these just for the memories







  1. Thanks TG, the snow’s all gone now and we mightn’t see any more for years, hopefully, Actually Wolfie gave me a lesson in Live writer, and it does make it easier than copying the whole thing, though I haven’t completely got my head round it, so I might also blog on here too when I do.there just might be someone who sees it and who doesn’t use blogger, such as Curiosity !!! I came on here this morning to check some mail and was on for two hours. it is just too addictive. As I’m doing a full back up, I’m having a little play again , Soon be time to take Tango out again.

  2. What lovely photos Arlene! You have captured the snow scene so well. Please don’t leave here Arlene! why not post to both here and Blogger by using Live Writer as I do? Sync both of your blogs (this one and your blogger one) in Live Writer, then compose just one post, publish it to Blogger, change to the WordPress one and then publish to that one! Easy Peasy! I tell you what Arlene I’ll do a how-to especially for you this weekend, how-that? So watch out for it, and then you can follow it step by step and keep both of them going!

  3. Ah, thank you so much Kirsten, I do most of my blogging on my blogspot as I don’t seem to have much response here, but even one such as yours, makes it worth while.
    You can have my snow if you want. I’ve got tired of it.

  4. aw hes such a sweetie!! i will miss you if you leave … mayhap i can follow you where you go next? i know its hard to keep up with many blogs. i have the same challenge. still, im already fond of you and tango.
    i love the pics! thank you! we dont have any snow. yet.

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