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Monthly Archives: November, 2010

Final leg of holiday

Final leg of journey copied from Blogspot Well folks this is the last and final part of my trip, as there were no comments on the previous one, perhaps it’s just as well. We were supposed to be leaving the hotel at 1pm to catch the ferry, and got word that we wouldn’t be! as the weather …

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My holiday part two

Hi folks at the risk of boring you I will continue my hol blog, The day after we arrived we went to Gerald Durrell’s Zoo to see the animals I have some photos but can’t access them right now, It was a bit dull so most of the animals were hiding but we saw enough …

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I’m home

Copied from my blogspot blog to save any of you re-reading it. I’m Home Hi all, well I’ve eventually got back from my trip to Jersey, I had a lovely holiday though it was a bit more than we had bargained for at the beginning and at the end, though the bit in the middle …

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Pic for Pen

Or anyone else who wants to see it.  

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Hi all Tango says to let you know that he’s got over his little ‘sky dive’ of the other night, and thank you all for your concern, but he’s not a happy bunny right now and he’s letting me know by sleeping over by the sofa instead of under my feet. The reason ? he …

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Allo , Allo, Allo

It’s a dog’s life .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Tango’s reply

Hi Mo you should have landed on the man in the van, that would have shut him up for a while, We canines are tougher than our Mum’s think . Hello Mr Roy, you’re one of Mum’s new friends and it appears you’ve got some furbabes too, they sound like fun, and I demand to …

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Tango’s blog

A blog from Tango I am not feeling so good tonight, Mum and I had been out for our evening walk to the local recreation ground, It was dark so she had to have a torch, poor soul can’t see unless the light’s in the sky. The walk was [in her opinion] finished so she …

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Well I’ve started a new website, what a pain, but I think I’ll cut down the number of paintings as it takes forever, plus I expect anyone who has visited will have seen as much of them as they want. I will have to put up the two I’ve done for a couple of blog …

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