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Must have carrier bags

Another try























  1. You’d have to fight Lady P for it K

  2. OMG!!! i love these!
    of course, my favorite is the pink one … henh …

  3. I just put the name into google and it comes up with all sorts of crazy stuff, including these bags and more

  4. They are brilliant! Great to laugh like I’ve just been doing 🙂 I recycle…the shop carriers make great sandwich bags when they’re finished with!!

  5. Ha, ha, I know what you meant Pen, and that one is quite an eye-catcher,MMMM I wonder what that tell us of you.? no, we won’t go there to save your blushes.
    I honestly don’t know where you’d get them,and I bet they would cost a bit but, it would be worth it just to be noticed.
    Recycle, YES I’m all for it. if I forget my carrier, I come out of the shop dropping stuff all over the place rather than take one if I can help it. miss goody two shoes I am.

  6. Flip…flip…flip….that shoulda read no-ones perfick!!…. just proved I aint’ lol!!

  7. Same here TG, trying to be good and recycle when I can.
    But saying that Arlene, WOW…what a fantastic display of artistic…mind you…the grasp at the ‘crotch;’ ones are ‘eye boggling’ …lol!! so..I’ll just have the fancy pink one…(Ok it’s got a whip…but -ones perfick!!) .. 😀 xPenx

  8. Brilliant Arlene! I love those carrier bags! Where do you get them from? I haven’t seen any like that around here. Mind you, K and I don’t use carrier bags, we always take our own when shopping. (doing our bit for recycling etc)

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