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Sorry Santa

I went to the supermarket the other day to stock up on food, and I saw some Venison steaks, now I’ve never tried Venison, and thought I’d give it a go, so I bought some, They were quite nice, not strong tasting but the meat was firm and dark enjoyable, Then I started thinking oh- er supposing that was Dasher, or Blitzen or even Dancer, or could be worse and be Bambi or Rudolph , :-((   I felt a bit funny especially when I could hear jingling noises. so Santa if you’re missing one of your reindeer, go look at Sainsbury’s supermarket, I deny all knowledge of any crime, but please don’t leave me off your list.


  1. Oh dear Pen, I gather you might be a Vegetarian, well I nearly am, as long as I can be as sure as possible they’ve had a good life, only eat English, free range and as much organic as possible, and not every day, am I a little bit exonerated? TG I hope the two that you saw weren’t outside Sainsbury’s, it’s not safe there for reindeer. They ARE the baddies in this show.
    Oh dear Ann I’m sorry you’ve got the cold, not surprised in this damp weather, though the cold spell might kill the germs. having a red nose isn’t much fun unless you are a reindeer, still as long as you don’t jingle when you walk.
    Give Isobel a gentle little hug from me and a peck on the cheek for Kath, and from me to you, a pat on the back for being so kind.
    Enjoy your day out of Friday TG. and thanks all for your coments.

  2. I wouldn’t bother Anne, November tends to be a very slow month for me where the weather rather puts me off setting off anywhere, so unless I were to blog about hoovering, dusting, ironing etc (which I am sure would turn every one of my three readers completely off) I simply don’t bother. Mind you, saying that, we are off on one of our jaunts this Friday!

  3. No comment on the foodstuff matter from me on this one but safe to say that if it were Rudolf you gobbled up then he is reincarnated in me as my nose is as glowing red with a cold as he could ever wish!
    Oh I have enjoyed catching up on all your blogs properly this morning, just the tonic…. the bread, holiday, fancy dress….. what a busy lass you are and here is me stuck with the rotten doldrums, cold and lack of energy or interest to make much effort. I do read blogs each day but lately have been lazy and preoccupied with Isobel and Kath stuff. Oh look now I have started I can’t stop! Off to catch up on TG now.

  4. HoooOOOOOoWWWWLLLLoooooo! Didn’t realise you had one over here too…I’ve left a comment on your blogger page so I won’t repeat it here, just stopping in to say hi for now 🙂 And you have enough blog sites to confuse a poor icewolfie into deep hibernation!! Just off to have a look at your dog one 🙂

  5. If I’d had my camera with me on Saturday when we went shopping for my son’s mobile I could have taken a picture of two of them alive and eating hay from bales.
    Wonder if they are there this Saturday? that would put your mind at rest Arlene!

  6. Bad, bad Arlene…fancy eating one of Santa’s reindeer. . Now there’s your gift from Santa for being a good girl gone right up the creek… gone for a Burton, gone….well you get my drift…You know I never eat anything ‘lambwise’ either…’cos I would feel totally guilty..I’d keep being haunted by little lambkins in my sleep… Sighs!!….xPenx
    (and blaming Sainsbury’s does not let you off!! 😉 )

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