Arlene and two adopted dogs.

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Thanks to all

Many thanks to all of you for your lovely remarks on my holiday snaps, it was a good holiday and it’s nice to share with friends in even such a small way.
I’ve always had a bit of a silly sense of humour, maybe being the youngest of five is to blame, striving to be noticed syndrome. I just had to go into that tunnel, it was just so inviting, glad it made you smile. as for my fancy dress. …. it was the simplest thing you could imagine, a long length of net curtain made up like below, pop it over your head and tie the sash bit round your waist, I wore white trousers, and tee shirt
The head-dress was a circular net tablecloth, the wig cost £1 and make up included blood, from a joke shop also £1, easy peasy, oh and the teeth cost 49p from joke shop.

dress 4 dracula

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