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What the H**l has happened here

I just had to share this with you folks and then I will post a couple of holiday pics on my blog,

As I bragged once on here, that I made my own bread[ with a machine] and the other day I changed the flour, why? good question, as the loaves were turning out perfectly all right till then, But in the Supermarket when I was shopping I spotted in the Home baking section EXTRA STRONG BREAD FLOUR Hmm thought I, I wonder if this is as good or better than the normal BREAD FLOUR [own brand] I usually get. I read the packet, well after the disaster of the wrong yeast I made sure of it, and it said, suitable for bread machines read instructions cook on Basic. OK well here are the results. Would YOU eat it, I was afraid to even put it out for the birds, as they’d never get off the ground, as it weighed a ton, and was about half the size if normal. I can only hope it was the flour that was to blame. I’ve gone back to my original flour and a loaf is churning in the machine right now, so watch this space.



Top of loaf



Bottom of loaf
Middle of loaf



  1. Or a door stop I love that stop loafing about from TG. Enjoy your day just caught up hope you are doing ok
    Hugs Sheila

    • Hi Sheila sorry to be late but I just noticed it had to be approved. yes TG’s comment was to the point lol. and a door stop would be a good idea. 🙂

  2. oh my! well, maybe you could use it in the rock garden … ;D
    heh …

    • Or as a foundation stone.

  3. Certainly Arlene. Here they are. For Vista and Windows 7 go to and if you are using Windows XP as your OS then go to

    • Thanks TG I’ll get cracking on that to-morrow hopefully, I’ve got Vista on the laptop and XP on the desktop so I’ll be busy.

  4. I know, I know, slapped wrist for Arlene, to add to my misery I didn’t have any more bread in the freezer, I could have sworn I did, so I had soup to-day without bread, and can’t get any till this one is made, Oh well there’s no fool ….. and you’re right TG I shouldn’t try and fix what was near or perfect. BTW I’ve lost the links you gave me for Live writer, any chance of letting me have them again. purleeze.

  5. Now come on Arlene! stop loafing about! You know the old saying, if it works okay, don’t fix it! (or something like that) That’ll teach you to try out something new and experiment.

  6. I could cry, where’s your lovely lightly raised melt in the mouth,warm waiting-for-the-butter-to-melt-on-it home made loaf? sobs!!
    You must find out what’s wrong Arlene, it’s horrible…and no, not for the poor birds,why should they suffer eh? xPenx

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