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My New read

My new read

On my Books page I put that one of my favourite books was Sarum by Edward Rutherford, it’s a huge tome of a book but I found it so fascinating I actually read it again, all 1000 pages of it, Jumping on from there I was reminded of another good book by one of my fellow bloggers I read many years ago, called ‘The Good Earth’ by Pearl Buck, it was also made into a film I think starring Loise Rainer and Paul Muni, Although it was made in 1937 [no I didn’t see it then] in case the cheeky among you were thinking that, I was a teenager. huh! it has a timeless appeal, .

I’ve started reading Rutherford’s latast book ‘London’ another huge 1000 + pages, I got it from the library but will never get it finished before my time is up, even with extensions, so I’ve gone on to Amazon and bought one for £5 that way I can take my time.
I woke up at 4.15 am with the rain drumming down and read for over an hour. I read the reviews on it just to make sure it was going to be worth it, and they are very good, I’ve had it a week and have got to page 79. !

Reading Book Pictures, Images and Photos

And thanks Jenny D I will take note of the books you’ve recommended, and keep them on tab.
Guess what? it’s raining again folks, I’ve never seen so much water since I was on the ferry, no, I fib, I was on the clifftop this morning with Tango. The sea had a right boil on. I gotta take him out shortly.
I had a nice afternoon out with Avril and she’s got the all clear and she can drive again, so we celebrated with lunch out and a humongous custard slice each for afters.


  1. forgot to send a woof and lick from Bess, to you and Tango..
    have a great Friday…Penx

    • I get the impression Bess is back on form eh!, making eyes at Tango again, hussy!

  2. HI Arlene,
    I just commented on your Blogger site, but have to rush, got a staff meeting this morning, (cheating by cut and pasting comment…lol!!)

    Ooooh…Custard slice…my mouth is watering, so much to taste, between the icy top and the custard filling…and flaky pastry, messy but oh so deeelicious… and no, I haven’t had one for ages….(custard slice that is!! cheeky!!)
    and have you seen the new Kindle?..looks amazing and such a modern way to read books.
    and I love Science Fiction, Mysteries, and used to lap up romance books MY Mum used to read. Bodice ripping stuff!! Fair made the cheeks bloom with passion!! anyway…from food to romance in one fell swoop, not bad for a Friday… Thanks for your comments Arlene, always appreciated, and yes…you never know what hidden’ ‘under’ the shelf eh?.. 😉

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