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Final leg of holiday

Final leg of journey copied from Blogspot

Well folks this is the last and final part of my trip, as there were no comments on the previous one, perhaps it’s just as well.Island smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
We were supposed to be leaving the hotel at 1pm to catch the ferry, and got word that we wouldn’t be! as the weather was so bad Ferries couldn’t get out of Weymouth and they couldn’t give us a time, Later the courier came back to say we would be leaving at 9 pm so we went out to town to get some food for the journey, We booked recliner seats and went out to get some food, When in town one of the staff saw us and told us the hotel were giving us dinner and letting us stay in our rooms for another night, but had to be out by 6.30 am for the ch/maids to change bedding etc., Up at 5.45 am to get coach for 7 am  ferry, we hung around till 11.30 am before we sailed. lucky we still had our recliners so the journey wasn’t too bad, lashing with rain but fairly smooth. The hotel had given us £10 for food, but a t the price of it on the boat it didn’t go far, lucky we still had what we bought the day before.
We docked at 9.15 pm at Portsmouth to get the coach to our picking up points.
Two ladies came on the coaches asking if anyone picked up or had mislaid a bag, we didn’t and went on our way, we heard later that two people had been detained , maybe that meant arrested, I don’t know and I don’t suppose we shall as they were not in our party. We picked up a taxi at 11 pm and I got home at midnight. All fairly shattered, but in one piece.
I phoned Sue to pick up Tango next day and boy was I glad to see him and get back to normal,
If you’ve stayed with me all this time , ta,
There’s nothing like holidays to make you appreciate home.


  1. Thanks Pen, Tango hasn’t let me out of sight since. bless him, even shutting him inside while I go up to fetch something from the car when it’s wet displeases him.

  2. I agree, there’s nowhere like home….er..sounds familiar… YOu got any ruby slippers?
    I bet Tango was beside himself…it;s always a pity that we can’t reassure them that we’ll be back… Bess in particular during this time at the vets..I tried my best to get her to understand, and it seems after our visit to her at the vets she rallied and started eating.. so maybe I did get the message across..somehow!!
    Good to see you back safe and sound…..xPenx

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