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Hi all Tango says to let you know that he’s got over his little ‘sky dive’ of the other night, and thank you all for your concern, but he’s not a happy bunny right now and he’s letting me know by sleeping over by the sofa instead of under my feet. The reason ? he cottoned on that I’m going on holiday, I’ve been packing this afternoon, and he’s been under my feet, or standing in front of me, getting in a right old tiswas.
I’m going to give you the details of this trip, We leave Monday 8.30 and catch the Ferry from Weymough and arrive in Jersey around lunch time
Mond evening, Cocktail party, Candlelit dinner dance with carol singing, cabaret and dancing till late,
Tuesday: B/fast, Christmas quiz, followed by Christmas bingo, Afternoon tea dance, Christmas dinner and dance, Christmas fancy dress followed by cabaret and party night.
Wed: B/fast, live music Christmas bingo if you should wish New year dinner dance, festive hat competition, Cabaret, with the pipes and drums of the Jersey Caledonian Pipe band and a right ol ‘knees up’
Thurs: B/fast, Live music, followed by Bingo [optional] , dinner dance, Ascot by night big screen horse racing.
Friday; B/fast before departing for home [sob]
Optional coach trips round the island by day.
half board, and a bargain at twice the price. two vacant places as unfortunately two had to pull out.
I am looking forward to it as I haven’t had a holiday for two years.
But I will miss my little spesh boy. He says, it’s a bad day when he had to fall off a wall to get some attention. but his five minutes of fuss is over.
Pen glad you got JD to work for you.


  1. wow sounds like a wild vacation! heh ;D

  2. and when do you draw breath?!!
    and I can just see Tango, ‘dogging’ your heels..shadowing you..’cos he knows . just like Bess does…Sigh…if only we could explain and they’d be ok!!…
    have a fantastic time…xPenx
    (and I’m the complete opposite…I get more comments on WP than Blogger..swings and roundabouts I suppose..xx)

    • I too wish I had just one blog space, but being a glutton for punishment I’ve opened up old blogs I started before I went to Live spaces, my inbox is pretty full , but mustn’t complain, when I first starte on Live s. I was always moaning to poor Wolife [she was my only ‘friend’ that nobody loved me.
      I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand the pace at all Pen, I’ll need a hol when I return,
      I hope not too wild Roy, my poor old heart mightn’t be able to take it. but I’ll try, I’ll try. thank all for comments.

      • sounds about right…a holiday to get ‘over’ the holiday…human eh?…When I win the lottery we’ll all go off somewhere lovely and relaxing…er…I did say’ when’ 😉

  3. Anne

    Sounds a great way for some R and R. Our pets have that uncanny knack of knowing exactly what we are up to.
    I really wish you a lovely holiday and look forward to hearing all about it.

    • Thanks Anne, I didn’t think I’d get a reply on here, as WP doesn’t seem to get any comments. no worries it’s the same posts as on blogger,

      • I would like to use just one or the other sites but have different friends on each, so either way I or they will miss something along the way. Hence duplicate sites which I know must be a bit annoying in the email notifications.
        Bet you are all packed up now and ready to go have fun fun fun!

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