Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Tango’s reply

Hi Mo you should have landed on the man in the van, that would have shut him up for a while, We canines are tougher than our Mum’s think .
Hello Mr Roy, you’re one of Mum’s new friends and it appears you’ve got some furbabes too, they sound like fun, and I demand to know more about them, I’m sick remember so I have to be indulged
Hi Bess I’m OK now, but I’m not letting on for a bit, but it’s nice of you Mum Pen to be concerned about me.
Speak up please I can’t hear you LOL
Hello all you lovely people, and thank you for your good wishes and concern over my fall, I’ve got a cut lip and grazed chin, so won’t be kissing any lady friends for a day or two. I feel much better, though a bit stiff, I’m not telling Mum I’m feeling better as I ‘m enjoying the attention ,she’s such a fusser, from putting stuff on my lip and chin to feeling all down my back and legs, I’ll keep it up till to-morrow and then I’ll be back to normal, I’ve got to, as she’s going on holiday on Monday to a place called Jersey, and it wouldn’t be fair to send her off worrying. about me, she might not go, and that would mean I couldn’t go to stay with Auntie Sue and go for walks with Widget, Stroodle and Nettle.
I know she’s looking forward to it, it’s something to do with having Christmas early, called a ‘Turkey and Tinsel Holiday ! Starting with a cocktail party on Monday evening, [sounds more like a hen party to me] celebrating with a Christmas dinner on Wednesday and Boxing day fun on Thursday, it should be a right hoolie I heard her say, [whatever that means] with lots of fun things going on, and there’s fancy dress, I think it’s just and excuse to have a p*** up and a 5 day non stop party. I’d rather have a good walk in the woods. But because I love her lots I hope she has a lovely time. Thanks again folks for wishing me to get better soon and hoping I didn’t hurt too much. Oh, it’s nice to be fussed over. Big doggie licks to all

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  1. Thank goodness for that Tango, you certainly have got everyone in a spin, and I don’t blame you for ‘lapping’ up all the fuss, maybe keep it up for the week-end but of course, let Mum know you’re fine so she can go and enjoy her Turkey ‘n Tinsel..(Maybe , just maybe she’ll bring back a doggy bag???)
    Bess sends her best ‘woofs’ and licks..and says if you’re good at the ‘wounded soldier’ bit, it’ll get you being carted about like royalty…Works for her!! 😉
    licks and stuff from Bess. and er…hugs from me…xPenx
    (p/s tell your Mum, I hope she has a fantastic time,,, just like you will staying at Auntie Sue’s place!!)

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