Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Allo , Allo, Allo

It’s a dog’s life .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Enjoy_Weekend_dogd1617ca8.jpg week end image by lconti73


  1. I’m about to watch to see who will get knocked out, and it would be a shame if she was kept in to the end, makes a bit of a farce of the show, it’s not exactly an easy ride for them, maybe they should stop using ‘comedy acts’ She was a bit of a tartar when she was in the government, changed days

  2. Thanks Pen I’ll check it out, in between watching Strictly, Ann Widdicombe’s a scream

    • OH …I watch Strictly…and I know she’s a scream….BUT when the good dancers are being knocked out later on and she’s still there…sailing about like a battleship…oh Dear me. The fur will fly!!.. xPenx

  3. now…that is definitely the ‘ahhhhhh’ factor…
    Just posted a comment on your Blogger site…and now leaving one here….and I’m so glad I called round too…what a sweetie”!!
    (JD says Hi!!!..the link worked, it takes me to the slideshow…To get one direct to your site, just copy and paste an HTML code…on your own comments , maybe your guestbook, and it’ll work…you can always ‘trash’ it later if you like…or keep it as a souvenir….
    have a great time Arlene, and hugs to Tango….xPenx

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