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I am not feeling so good tonight, Mum and I had been out for our evening walk to the local recreation ground, It was dark so she had to have a torch, poor soul can’t see unless the light’s in the sky. The walk was [in her opinion] finished so she goes back to the car, and starts bleating, come on Tango, time to go, hurry up, in the car lad , move it sunshine, get your a*** in gear if you please, I’m losing patience fast, and so on, I of course just ignore her as I am going deaf, well at least I hear her tell everyone that, so why not take advantage eh?
I decided to have a little nose in the garden above the underground garage by the flats, I don’t usually go there as she won’t let me, but I’m playing deaf, remember! I got right up to the wall and she shouted, get your backside down here NOW, OK, OK I thought, best move, so I went to the edge of the garden that runs alongside the garage driveway and jumped down. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ, my chin hit the floor so hard it knocked the breath from my body, how the h*** was I to know it was a five foot drop? I just lay there for a bit, and Mum came running over all of a tizz. And I accused her of not being able to see in the dark.

Arlene says when I saw Tango step off that wall my heart was in my mouth, he’s 13 next month so no spring chicken, he could easily have broken his neck or leg at least, He tottered over to the car looking quite dazed, I checked him over when we got home but all I cold see was a skinned chin, but he obviously hurts, as he’s getting up from his bed quite delicately. but my was he lucky.


  1. Hi Mo you should have landed on the man in the van, that would have shut him up for a while, We canines are tougher than our Mum’s think .
    Hello Mr Roy, you’re one of Mum’s new friends and it appears you’ve got some furbabes too, they sound like fun, and I demand to know more about them, I’m sick remember so I have to be indulged
    Hi Bess I’m OK now, but I’m not letting on for a bit, but it’s nice of you Mum Pen to be concerned about me.
    Speak up please I can’t hear you LOL
    Hello all you lovely people, and thank you for your good wishes and concern over my fall, I’ve got a cut lip and grazed chin, so won’t be kissing any lady friends for a day or two. I feel much better, though a bit stiff, I’m not telling Mum I’m feeling better as I ‘m enjoying the attention ,she’s such a fusser, from putting stuff on my lip and chin to feeling all down my back and legs, I’ll keep it up till to-morrow and then I’ll be back to normal, I’ve got to, as she’s going on holiday on Monday to a place called Jersey, and it wouldn’t be fair to send her off worrying. about me, she might not go, and that would mean I couldn’t go to stay with Auntie Sue and go for walks with Widget, Stroodle and Nettle.
    I know she’s looking forward to it, it’s something to do with having Christmas early, called a ‘Turkey and Tinsel Holiday ! Starting with a cocktail party on Monday evening, [sounds more like a hen party to me] celebrating with a Christmas dinner on Wednesday and Boxing day fun on Thursday, it should be a right hoolie I heard her say, [whatever that means] with lots of fun things going on, and there’s fancy dress, I think it’s just and excuse to have a p*** up and a 5 day non stop party. I’d rather have a good walk in the woods. But because I love her lots I hope she has a lovely time. Thanks again folks for wishing me to get better soon and hoping I didn’t hurt too much. Oh, it’s nice to be fussed over. Big doggie licks to all

  2. Tango, That was quite the silly thing you did, jumping off that wall. Maybe next time you will listen to you mommy, Arlene.

    • I know Uncle Horst, but I just wanted a little bit of extra attention as Mum was thinking too much about her holiday and I felt neglected.

  3. HI Tango,
    hugs from me and licks from Bess…You know we humans love you so much that when anything happens to you, we ‘feel’ it tenfold.. and worry about lasting damage…I know you were only being ‘you’ but think on next time…(not that there’ll be a next time…will there?)..’cos you’ll start to miraculously hear everything Arlene says eh?….and do as your told…AND you’re only getting told off by me ‘cos I’m worrying now!!
    Tell Arlene that I hope she has a great Turkey ‘n TInsel do…and give her a few licks from me n’ Bess….Wish I could give you a hug or two. …Bess and of course Pen.x..

  4. hi tango! roy here. im really glad you didnt get hurt! i play with cinnamon all the time, but shes older so i always have to be careful. boy when i knock her down she really gets after me! heh …
    i dont have anything to jump off here, although moppy and poppy go up on the roof all the time. lucky bi pedals. moppy tried to get me to walk on this moving floor thing she walk on sometimes … too weird for me though.
    we go to the parks, but we have to stay on leashes. id be all obe the place if i had my way!
    probably best i dont …

  5. Hi Tango, its Mo here. OMG you were one lucky boy, may I remind you that you are not a moggy who has nine lives and lands on their feet!
    I ran around on a flat roof when I lived at the pub. A van always tormented me so one day I chased it but the velocity of my weight took me flying over the edge and I fell 12 feet to the ground. The driver went in and told mum and her face went white, she says the longest minute of her life was running outside not knowing what she’d find. I was sitting down with someone and my ears were back and I was grinning cos I knew I’d been bad. She thought my legs must be broke but I tiptoed over to her and she put some cream on a tiny little graze on my pad.
    We are all so glad you are alright, I hope you are in the morning and have not twisted a muscle or anything. What a worry we are to our slaves eeh!

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