Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners


Well I’ve started a new website, what a pain, but I think I’ll cut down the number of paintings as it takes forever, plus I expect anyone who has visited will have seen as much of them as they want. I will have to put up the two I’ve done for a couple of blog friends, plus about three others, Trouble is it used to take up quite a bit of my spare time in between painting, now with all this blogging business I’m finding it harder, I haven’t painted for about three weeks. Anyone want a job, ?


  1. Answered this on Blogger…Arlene…
    and of course you can have the Chair…does look comfy doesn’t it..mind you..if |I sat in it I’d probably sleep for a hundred years, dreaming up stores… 😉
    Take care and if you;re caught short for a subject….Just post a piccie of Johnny!! That’d keep me happy!! whey hey!! Sighs!! xPenx

    • That should have read ‘stories’ … Thinking of JD makes me go all of a quiver!! wonder why? xPenx

      • LOL I just looked at your song site and thought, my word if Johnny could sing, we’d have to tie Pen down, thanks for the chair offer, my back’s killing me.

  2. If I could be any help then I’d be taking Tango out for walkies while you got on with things and probably keep you topped up with tea too!

    • Now that would be a help Anne, and if you brought Mo ..well he would be on his best behaviour, you bet, If you serve tea, it must be with biccies [for Tango of course]

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