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Adding paintings

As some of you know I have a website to display my paintings, I thought it was time I added a few that I have done over the past few months, but, shock horror, I haven’t got my web designer on this new computer, nor is it on my laptop, Putting in a search for Front page on my comp. I discovered an old email I’d been sent from my ISP provider, stating that they would no longer be supporting Front page extensions, ! more shock horror, how on earth was I able to upload or edit my website now, Do I change my ISP provider and hope they will support FP, or do I use a totally different web site maker and start all over, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, I haven’t got the time or will to do it. I’m so annoyed, why the hell do they have to keep changing stuff, now I will first phone my ISP and find out what’s up and if it’s true and ask them if they have a solution. so if I don’t get back to anyone for a while, I haven’t emigrated, not yet anyway.
Well I’ve just phoned my provider, and it’s right they don’t support FP any more , now what do I do? answers on a postcard please.
Watch this space.


  1. My head aches already and I haven’t even started.

    • I’m sure you’ll cope, bet you’ve got it sorted already ……and thanks for the ‘award’ I downloaded to my documents…And…with the extra hour…amazing things might happen…(yawwwn..I slept in !!)…xPenx

  2. I meant more know how than me…’cos I’ve never opened up my own website, only ever relied on WLS or WordPress ..xx

  3. Flip…there’s always something changes etc.. that takes the wind out of your sails..There must be a way round this..and I hope you find a quick solution Arlene… or maybe someone on here with more know how will come up with an answer…I:m watching this space…;-) xPenx

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