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Food for thought

Food for thought
According to the Health boffins we are supposed to eat 5 pieces of fruit per day, right? How many people manage to do that, day after day, I certainly don’t I eat a banana every evening, love it mashed on toast for supper, but that’s it. When I go to the supermarket I pass the fruit stall and see all this fare piled high, plums, apples, oranges of all varieties plus stuff from far away. I ‘m overcome with conscience and buy grapes and pears etc promising myself I will eat five a day, but for some reason I just never seem to find the moment, I’m not hungry, or I haven’t the time, but TBH I just don’t fancy it, so my fruit tends to quietly moulder in the fruit bowl and guiltily bin it.
I have a good breakfast of cereal with oats and dried mixed fruit, so hopefully, with my banana I’m part way to my five a day.
But it got me wondering how we managed to stay healthy during the war, when fruit was a luxury apart from the lucky people who had access to orchards, and that was only apples. no such thing as grapes or pomegranates. I lived in the suburbs of Glasgow and can recall crates of apples being delivered to school from Canada, I don’t remember how often maybe twice in a year, I can still taste them, lovely. I can also recall tasting my first banana, which my brother brought home when on leave, and recall standing by the fence showing it to our neighbour, that too I can still taste, maybe it’s why I still like bananas it was the first fruit I ate apart from an apple, it seemed so exotic. I was at the dentist on Tuesday for a check up and had a small filling, the doctor commented on the fact I still have all but one of my teeth at 73, so perhaps there was something to be said for the wartime diet, despite the lack of five a day.
On another note, I’d always wondered if the acid in apples was bad for teeth, and read not so long ago if you eat an apple, or any other acid fruit you shouldn’t brush your teeth for at least an hour as it softens the enamel, preferably should rinse out your mouth. Food for thought.


  1. hmmm never had banana on toast … ive had cinnamon toast (butter, sugar and cinnamon)
    i wonder if the people who say ‘five fruits a day’ have stock in fruit sales …

    • Honey and cinnamon is supposed to be very good for you, I have it on my cereal, thanks for reply BTW.

  2. I used to have a banana on my cereal of a morning, but like everything else if taken every day it becomes monotonous, so I just have a few prunes, then cereal (Fruit ‘n’ Fibre) and make sure I partake of a Pear in the evening…Lots of water, and I feel quite healthy-ish…most times anyhow!!
    I think everyone’s different as to how fruit affects their digestive system. so personal habit through the years takes precedence over a dietitians ideas for me.
    Thanks for calling round Arlene, to read my Halloween poem..No follow up as yet!! ;-)….Bess send woofs to Tango xPenx

    • I like Fruit.n.Fibre Pen, in fact I think breakfast is my favourite meal, it gets me out of bed just thinking about it

  3. Hi TG and Annie nice to see you here, I think I’d rather have five fried egg sandwiches if I was really honest, especially with some nice home made bread, but two diets sound quite a good idea, LOL

  4. Banana on toast, oh yes, you are a girl after my own heart!
    I always have a fruit bowl full up, usually so I can grab something from it as himself walks in the room so it covers up the fact I was actually pigging out on some chocolate.
    My theory is that if I eat a good thing it will cancel out the bad thing. And being on two diets has to be better than one, so I have my eat all I want diet and then I have the eat healthy diet. Anyone got an arguement against that?!?!?

  5. Same here Arlene. I too try very hard to have my ‘five a day’ and I really love fruit but find it as hard as you do to accomplish. I tend to do it by having fruit instead of a pudding, or as a snack if I feel peckish but even then, I certainly never hit five portions a day.

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