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Photos from the fancy dress

Sorry folks only me in them

A couple of party photos

Hi Folks I managed to get a couple of photos taken before it got too busy, several of my friends took some too, I won [doing a little jig] a box of Maltesers, I’m holding them in one, There were a couple of little lads there, the grandsons of a member the littlest about 4 was mesmerised when I came in,. I just hope he didn’t have nightmares, he asked his Nan who brought them was it real blood . Bless!
I was going to put white make up on, but decided not to in case I couldn’t get it off I don’t mind a bit of the Dust Springfield eyes, but draw the line at Coco the clown.

Dracula’s bride aka Arlene
Copied from my 4pawsandatale.blogspot



  1. Thanks Anne I ‘m pleased that everything is OK with you and nice to have you here, I wouldn’t have the courage to dye my hair red, LOL I could just imaging my daughter’s faces. I’ve been blonde for more years than I can remember now.

  2. Arlene, I am not ignoring you cos I do make comments on your blogs, as I did on this one the other day but it is not here now!
    Anyway, you look just the part and a deserving winner.
    Love the red hair, is it going to be the new day look now?

  3. Was it that devil stood next to you who tempted you with the Maltesers? You look suitably scary Arlene! Love the outfit. Who were you supposed to be? Bride of Dracula? 😉

    • Spot on TG, Dracula’s bride I was, but the bounder never turned up at the alter. but the Maltesers soothed the savage breast, I love dressing up, I wonder if it’s a sign that I’d rather not be me !

  4. Hi there Dracula’s bride aka Arlene, can I have a malteser? Mmm..lovely..!!..Love the teef!! xPenx

    • You can have the teeth if you want them but I need them to eat my Maltesers first, OK

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