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Thank you Pen, Lo,Sherri and Chip

To Pen Lo, Sherri and Chip for the nice compliments on my colliepaintings website, I hadn’t visited for some time and was unaware that you had posted, thank you so much I appreciate every comment, I really must update it as I have around five new paintings to go on there, I get so carried away with blogging I never leave myself enough time, like now, I have to be out in fifteen minutes.

It’s starting to get chilly and the thought of dressing up in net curtains is losing it’s appeal, fast!

Catch you all tomorrow sometime,

1 Comment

  1. Hi there you,.
    a pleasure it was to visit your site…I can find myself just sitting there, looking at your wonderful paintings, or reading your poems. What better way to spend my time…(I Know, I know Bess, you have a suggestion!!!)
    Hope you find something warmer to wear..,xPenx

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