Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

I think it’s temporary shutdown for this site

I can’t run this site and my blogspot concurrently right now so I’m going to put a temporary halt on blogging her till I get comfortable with Blogger, catch me there    –    Arlene& Tangos Tales


  1. Hey Arlene, you’ve set this up marvelously…Love the black background,…(seems to be my colour!!)..AND the font is big enuff on the comments. I wonder If I could get in touch with the fella who ‘did’ my theme? and ask him for ‘small adjustments’ for li’l ole me? Hmm… anyway. I’m getting side tracked… You have a fantastic evening..and thanks fro your comment..mwah¬ to you and to Tango..x Pen ‘n Bess x

    • Thanks Pen I was just playing around and I think might be the one I’ll stick with, for now Hee,hee, you know me I just can’t leave it alone. I had the option to make it dark as you couldn’t see the writing on the original, I wish we could change the fonts though, anyhow I’m only going to copy what I’ve put on Blogger,
      I never noticed ‘red’ was underlined in my other blog, strange. and the font’s gone back to default, flaming nuisance.

    • Good luck on getting your theme sorted to suit you, turn on the charm gal, it used to work for me, but that was a long time ago LOL

  2. HI Arlene, Just leaving a comment as I click on subscribe so I can find your WP site again..I get confused about where Ive left comments, here or Blogger… isn’t technology a complete pain sometimes. Ah Well.. bye for now..

    • Hi Pen, I shut the site down for now as I just haven’t had time to sort it how I want and I’m finding coping with Blogspot enough right now, I am working on a new WP site but it will be a one off about my dogs, I’ve got photos to upload. Youre site on WP is really special, so proffessional looking, one f the reasons I’m leaving mine alone, as it looks real tat.

    • I meant to say, I’v e downloaded post it notes and sometimes post one to myself telling me where I’ve made comments, but that again is taking more effort and time., sigh

  3. Arlene I post to both at the same time by using Live Writer. I only have to write one post, then I publish up to WordPress and then Blogger.

    • Sorry I didn’t log in to catch this TG, I signed up for Live writer when on spaces but never quite cottoned on how to use it, it would be useful as I did think initially to run both blogs at the same time, maybe you can give me a tip or so when you’ve got time.

    • I’ve still to try out Live writer, but have re-opened my WP and blogging the same stuff as my Blogsppot, do you think it’s cheating?

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