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Just saying Hello

Hi folks I’ve come back here to see if I can pick up from Live spaces, it’s going to be a hard act to follow and a steep learning curve, as it is all so very different, this is only a tester so if you have any comments I’d be grateful to read them I’m keeping my spaces account open for now till I get the hang of this.


  1. CatsRuS

    I really like this new look, it’s very attractive. I like how the comments and replies look on this theme.

    • Hi Robyn Yes I like the layot of this theme but not the backfround colour, I’ll change that if I continue with this site

  2. Arlene

    Meant to add I checked out the theme and it’s true that you’re stuck with the default fonts etc probably in all of them, I’m changing this one in a mo, but I’ve pretty much left this site for now.

  3. Arlene

    Thanks for that Pen I’ve written it out and will do, I’ll have to change this theme I’ve got to highlight everything to see what’s what, I was playing around so much last night I missed Downton Abbey, forgot it was on.

  4. HIya Arlene,
    thanks for all your comments, and I can see from all the ones here that you’re ‘tweaking’ away.. much to Tango’s annoyance eh? (same with Bess!!)
    I know my comment box type is small, but apparently if I want that ‘theme’ I have to put up with it…(and I do so love the Theme!!),,,
    Re:- Comment approving..If you go to Dashboard, >settings>discussion, look at ‘before a comment appears’, just tick the second box and leave the other blank, if you don’t want to be forever ‘approving’ every comment. That setting will mean you approve a ‘new’ persons first comment and won’t have to continue to do so. I think it’s just a protection against ‘spam and junk’ appearing without you knowing. Off I go…work to do… and Bess to walk…and…stuff!! bye for now…xPenx

  5. just testing

    • Back to the drawing board Arlene. Now if I click on your ‘Arlene’ name it takes me somewhere weird, I think but deffo not anything to do with you!!!!
      I wonder if it is in the google profile page that the problem lays. I noticed it had an option to edit multiple identities.
      Brain is frizzled now from jumping so many sites so it is off to bed for me and I shall be glad to see the back of today. night night, hope you get a ‘eureka’ moment and everything rights itself.
      Bet Tango thinks the sky has come indoors at your house, can just imagine all the blue air floating around!

      • Me too Ann I think I’ve tweaked too much but tomorrow is another day, and I’ll ask around for some help, I’ve disconnected the link to my paintings site and thought I’d connect it to name, but like you it came up in all sorts of wierdo sites, so I’ll sort that tomorrow, I just want to get up and sorted to do some blogging Off to bed, and yes poor Tango is feeling real miffed because I’ve been ignoring him and talking[?] to the computer, rather loudly in fact. ‘Night

  6. I am so pleased about the good news Ann. and I’m glad you got here, I’ve been trying to hide my other postings so this one should be the only one, I can’t quite get my head around the replying to comments as I’m not sure if the reply goes to the right person I got into Wolfie’s site and left a message, but I don’t know whether or not he’s replied or how I find out if he has, as you sometimes forget to click the ’email me’ box, or am I just thick.. No don’t answer that. I bet you all sleep abit sounder to-night, with the optimistic news on Isobel. Keep in touch

  7. Could you have a look please at my practice Blogger site.

    see if it works! Ta!

    • I got into your blog Ann and registered to follow, but when I tried leaving a comment it came up as error 503 and service unavailable, I got the same thing when I was on my own site, I’g going over to IE to see if it makes a difference as Google Chrome can be contrary, anyhow your blog is there.

    • Have done Anne and it works but Blogger is apparently out of action but as there seems to be trouble accessing my stuff too maybe it’s my PC

    • arlene

      Hi Anne I can’t understand what’s happened, I sent out emails and messages to several space blog friends with my new addy and not one reply.
      More imortantly, how did the op go?

      • I have been able to get to this site of yours without trouble and been getting the email updates from you and your various guises, beginning to wonder if you have a split personality with so many profiles! lol
        Isobel had a glowing report from the surgeons who carried out her heart operation. They said it went very well and she had no problems during the op. They even managed to close both the holes. She is doing ok this evening so I am in a better state of mind now. Just have to hope no infection sets in now. There is always a bad thing follows a good thing lately.

  8. Oh dear me, my shoulders ache from being at this pc trying out other stuff and sites to occupy my mind. Isobel is in theatre now but I decided not to go up there afterall.
    I followed Beth Marie over to Blogger and wow what a nicer experience and variety for blogging. I have started a test site over there and so far so good but then it was only five minutes ago. I don’t even know my address there yet!
    I rankled me when I tried to put up a video here and it required a package being paid for in order to do it, blow that! (och aye, I’ve a wee bit o’ Scot in me too that dinnae wanna splash the cash).

    • It bugs me all this approving stuff and then you lose the page, it is all so confusing, I think Blogger is a little bit more user friendly but it crashed on me today, but maybe I’m expecting too much too soon, I’m over there as twodogs,! honestly where do I get the banes from I’d sooner just be Arlene that way peeps will know it’s me and make up there minds whether or not to reply.
      I think it was you I mentioned to that they want paying for some things, I wanted more fonts, and guess what, I can if I pay, I used to make jpgs with a font programme and use that but I don’t think we can, Run a blog in blogger and see how it goes you can always pop back and forth and be like me, thoroughly confused. LOL Let’s know how things go at the hospital.

  9. Robyn

    Hi, your Word press site looks good. I like your background and thanks for giving me the link here. Just wondering, can we do more or less the same thing we could a Spaces? I liked that we could have different modules for different things etc. Also, is there a photo album here for us to upload our pics? If we can do more or less the same thing on Word press that we could on Spaces, I might reconsider gettting one myself.

    • Thanks Robyn and thanks for visiting, glad you made it as it has taken me ages to get it sorted, the problem is that I’ve got blogs on there from way back that I’d forgotten about and they kept coming to the fore as it were. Unfortunately you can’t have the same choice of graphics we had on spaces, that’s what I’m most annoyed about, as I liked the glitter graphics and my ticker tape welcome, nor can you have a guest book nor photo albums as we knew it, though there are alternatives, you can set up a post [someone suggested] and name it your Guest book page and invite comments, Technogran and Horst have both given tips on how to upload your photos, so maybe it’s the way to go, when you set up your WP blog you can pick a theme that is customisable and play around a bit, I’ve only just started, anyhow let’s know how you get on, and I’ll be pleased to help you if at all possible even pass you on to someone else, I remember when I first started in Spaces you helped me out re backgrounds etc. Good luck and keep me posted.

  10. I like the appearance of your site, very nice.
    Just came to shut down for the night so won’t linger, nighty night.

    • Thanks Ann let’s know how things go with Isobel. thinking of you.

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